Children encounter cranky parents-Woodmam

Children encounter cranky parents-Woodmam

When it comes to parents who love to lose their temper, children will go to two extremes, either they will be very timid and cowardly, or they will be very vicious and use force to solve things. What things are calmly resolved is the best!

A mother's message: I don't know how everyone lived their childhood, but I can almost say that my childhood was spent in the days of my mother's tantrums. The reason is that a little bit of unhappiness, the mother frowned, then was sighing, and then beat up the wrongdoer. Unless the mistake is made by the mother herself, she is not angry with herself, otherwise, everyone will be taught a lesson by the mother. Especially the one who made the mistake was even worse, sometimes being beaten by the mother.

So now my character is very weak and timid, sometimes very angry with my mother, but sometimes feel that they are not right, every day is living in the torment, sometimes really hope that someone can save me from this torment. When I saw this post, I really felt sorry for her, and the reality of her situation is nakedly telling us, parents, do not just lose your temper, because you do not know, you may raise a kind of child.

Parents, who love to lose their temper, what will the child be like?
In addition to not throwing tantrums, these things parents better not do, because the damage to the child will not be small:


Do you know what kind of children will be raised by parents who overreact? That is easy to raise a child who is prone to lie. Because the child just told you that he wants 5 dollars to buy some snacks, but the first response of overreacting parents is, what do you need money for a child? The whole day not studying well will do some boring things. The future is destined to have little success. Do you think this kind of parental reaction will lead to the child starting to tell lies in the future in order to achieve their own goals?

Rebuking the child in front of acquaintances

Do you know what the child will become in the future if you do this? Parents who do this often will cause their children to have little initiative and need to be reminded of what they are doing. To give you a simple example, when someone asks him what he wants to eat. He usually answers whatever he wants, or he doesn't know, or it's all right. Occasionally once or twice this answer is okay, but if it is often this answer, then the child's personality problems.

Often criticize the child

Parents often criticize their children, but be careful, because such children will have no self-confidence in the future, not to do a thing, he first said he could not, or they do not do well, and that they will not succeed in life such words. Parents are advised to give their children more encouragement or some appropriate advice in the future.
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