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Parents should take a guided approach to teach children-Woodmam

1. Use scientific-educational methods to overcome rough treatment of children

When children do wrong and lie to avoid punishment, mothers should not treat them like the enemy. This will not only cause a lot of psychological pressure on the child but also will not have an immediate effect on changing the child's lying behavior. On the contrary, it may make him rely more on lying to avoid punishment. Smart mothers can use their children's mistakes to do something else, let them understand their mistakes, and use the lying behavior to develop their intelligence without wasting any time. For example, mothers can point out their children's mistakes directly, gently remind them not to make the same mistakes in the future, and then ask them: You can make up for your wrong behavior in other ways and avoid punishment, such as making up your own imaginary stories, etc.

2. Provide the child with a chance to remedy the plan and implement the plan

If their child is found to be lying regularly, the mother must trust that they will correct the mistake and provide the child with an opportunity to imagine a remedy and implement it. In this way, it can not only make them introspective but also can let them use their brains to solve the problem and develop the habit of taking responsibility for their own wrong behavior by giving them the opportunity to find a remedy. For example, if a child takes other children's toys home, the mother can let them think for themselves, what way should they take to make up for their mistakes? Smart children may come up with many solutions, such as returning the toy to the family and apologizing; returning the toys to others, lending their own toys to others to play with; returning the toys to others first, and then discussing with them to persuade the children to lend the toys to themselves to play for a while, etc. If the child can't come up with a plan, the mother can give them some tips: "If other children's toys are taken away by you, she will be sad, what can you do to make her not sad?"

In fact, children who are good at making up lies are more creative. Children who can lie are much more creative than children who can't lie. Therefore, the only thing parents need to do for children who lie is to guide them in the proper way.
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