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How can I earn money from making wooden toys?-Woodmam

Yes you can, I do. How much money can you make? it depends on how you go about making the toys. If you make them yourself the income will be small only a few thousand a year, if you make patterns and farm them out to some place like China then you can make a lot more money. I make my own items by myself and choose the lower end route. I do one wholesale show where I make from 7 to 10 thousand and several small select craft shows where I make from a couple hundred to 1 to 3 thousand. I also have several steady customers who order from me on a regular basis that accounts for a few thousand, So there is money to be made. You have to figure out how much you want to put into it and how much you want to make, I am happy where I am and have turned down several large customers because I don’t want more business. The secret to making toys that sell is quite simple, Make original toys not ones from patterns out of a book. Book patterns are great for ideas and tips but make your own patterns. Make your toys so that they last and are of good quality. I take mine to the local Library and put them in the children's play section and see how long they last and how they break and then try to redesign them so that they don’t break. I go to local crafts shows not to sell as much as to play with kids and see how they react to my toys and what changes I need to make. At a lot of shows parents will say “oh your toys are so nice but little Johnny will break it in a few minutes” So I pick little Johnny up and stand him on the toy, it doesn’t break. I sometimes drop toys to the ground to show that they are sturdy. Parents love it if you have confidence in the quality of your product. Once you have your product designed and as of as good of quality as you can do, go to a good quality wholesale show and display your items, be aggressive in your sales, no body passes my booth with out being greeted and invited in to play with my toys. Keep the prices as low as you can but not to low, cheap price=cheap quality, to expensive no sales, it is a tricky thing to get right and I still have trouble with it after 30 years. Toy I could make for $6 and sell for $12 didn’t sell at all I raised the price to $25 and couldn’t make enough of them, made several hundred a year until they went out of style. Lastly go to the CPSA site and read up on the rules governing toy making, it is the law and you will need to follow it, some of it will make sense and help you make the toys safer and some will have you scratching you head and wondering why.

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