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Why We Love Our Connetix Magnetic Tiles!-Woodmam

When people ask me what my favorite children's toys are, I always mention our magnetic tiles. They're still a favorite of all three of our children, who are 1, 3, and 5 years old. It's not often that we come across toys that appeal to all of our kids, so it's no surprise that our magnetic tiles are at the top of our list of must-haves!

Today, I'd want to talk about why we adore Connetix magnetic tiles and why they're one of our favorite toys for our little ones! I'll also compare PlayMags with Connetix to assist you in making your choices!

So why are magnetic tiles worth the investment?

I wanted to talk about why magnetic tiles are such a good buy before we get into the reviews.

In the past, I've been quick to buy the newest and best toys, and though they're all of excellent quality, they haven't all been a hit with our kids. Now, when I go out to buy a toy, I choose extremely carefully. I want our toys to inspire independent, imaginative play. I want them to be useful to people of all ages and stages of growth. I want them to be of high quality and last a long time.

There is no right or wrong way to play with magnetic tiles because they are open-ended. Your imagination is the only limit! An open-ended toy allows the child to take command while playing ‚ÄĒ the toy or resource can be transformed into whatever the youngster desires! Our three children adore our magnetics and use them in a variety of ways.

They're great for developing SO MANY Abilities, including fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, and problem-solving skills, in addition to fostering plenty of creative play. And the best part? While our children are having fun, they are also learning about early measurement concepts and understandings.

This type of toy has stood the test of time. While they can be costly up front, they are often well-liked for a long time and outlive any other toy. If it isn't the perfect combo for a toy, I don't know what is!

How do you play with magnetic tiles?

We usually just put our Connetix tiles in a big basket and let our students utilise them whatever they choose. They frequently construct large towers, structures, and buildings. Elliot builds ramps for his Monster Trucks and tunnels for his automobiles to travel through on occasion. Their preferred method of play is to use them as a building material.

Audrey, who is one year old, enjoys stacking square tiles on top of one other. This is an excellent approach for her to improve her hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination, and problem-solving abilities. It's fascinating to watch her compare tiles to figure out which ones will fit precisely on top of one another. It's her preferred method of using our magnetic tiles!

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