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Have you discovered your child's creative ability?-Woodmam

Gou daily new, daily new, daily new. "Innovative ability is not such a mysterious ability, but more of a diversified and exploratory way of thinking. Children love to think. Parents should protect their children's thinking potential, capture their children's bright spots, and encourage them a lot.

【Parent-child scene】

Case 1:

Wang Xin just learned to hold a paintbrush, and likes graffiti very much. Once, Auntie Li went to play at her house and saw that the child was drawing. The child was drawing a blue round thing. Auntie Li didn't see what it was drawing, so she asked the child what she was drawing, The child replied, "Banana."

When Auntie Li was wondering, the child's mother came over to take a look and said, "Well, you draw well." She also touched the child's head. This made Auntie Li even more puzzled. Isn't this misleading the child?

Afterwards, Aunt Li asked the child's mother: "The child painted bananas in blue, why don't you correct the child's mistakes?" The mother looked at Aunt Li in surprise and said, "Why should I correct? The child has such thoughts. , it shows that she has creative thinking, maybe she can really cultivate blue bananas in the future. In real life, when she eats bananas, she will understand what color it is."

Case 2:

Yueyue's mother is usually very busy with work, and it is difficult to find time to play with her children even on weekends. This weekend, she finally found time to take Yueyue to watch a children's drama, which made her feel very unhappy. She felt that many of the children's words were childish and even nonsense.

Mom took her on the road, and Yueyue pointed to the white clouds in the sky and said, "Mom, how did the marshmallows get to the sky?" Mom looked up and saw that it was clearly a white cloud. The child continued: "Mom, there must be a little fairy hiding behind the marshmallow. Why doesn't she want to come out and let us see? If only I had two wings, I could fly up to see."

At that time, it was not long before the children's drama started, and the mother didn't have the patience to listen to her, so she interrupted the child's words and said, "Little fool, there are no fairies in the sky, and you will not grow wings."

After listening to her mother's words, Yueyue shed tears of grievance.

【Expert Analysis】

In modern society, innovative education has become the main theme of education. Innovation ability is an important manifestation of children's intelligence. Children with innovation consciousness can better adapt to the surrounding environment and apply the knowledge they have learned to real life.

At the same time, innovation ability is a positive form of consciousness in human consciousness activities, and it is the inner source of motivation for people to carry out creative activities.

Only when children have the ability to innovate can they discover the essence and inner connection of things, and then bring novel and unprecedented new results through their own analysis and thinking. And children who lack creative ability have no interest in the things around them, lack curiosity and thirst for knowledge, introverted conservative, follow others' opinions, and lack assertiveness, etc. These are detrimental to children's growth.

In fact, every child has a certain creative potential, especially when they are about three years old, they are full of interest and thirst for knowledge about everything around them. At this time, they need the patient guidance of parents to promote children's creativity. In the United States, parents attach great importance to the cultivation of children's innovative ability, support and encourage children's creative activities, but in China, once children are "damaged", they are often called "naughty and disobedient" by their parents. In fact, what Chinese parents do is wrong.

The ability to innovate is abstract. Many parents feel that they can’t start. Some parents worry that their innovation ability is not strong enough to inspire their children’s innovation ability, and even fear that they will kill their children’s innovation ability. In fact, it is not that difficult to cultivate children's innovative ability.

Children's creativity begins to sprout in early childhood. Studies have shown that the average child is 90% creative at the age of 5, and has 10% creativity at the age of 7, but after the age of 8, the creativity drops to 2%. Therefore, parents should seize the critical period to liberate and inspire their children's creativity. Children have strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge when they are young. They have open minds and thinking, and there are no constraints. They have unlimited creative ability. Therefore, the golden age of cultivating children's innovation ability is in early childhood.

Parents should be aware of the importance of innovation to their children, seize the opportunity to cultivate their children's creative thinking, and give them scientific and reasonable guidance to maximize their potential and lay the foundation for their children to become creative talents.
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