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Choose the right toys for your child-Woodmam

Now many parents choose toys for their children very randomly, feel free to buy anything for the child can, we do not say the significance of the growth of the child, from the child's health alone, we should take into account.

1. Sharp edges easily cut the baby's tender skin.

2. Some small parts can be easily swallowed by the baby.

3. Poor quality materials easily together with the baby's skin allergies.

4. Easy to lose hair plush toys easy to block the baby's mouth and nose.

5. Too-long ropes are easy to trap the baby.

6. Projectile toys are not only easy to hurt others but also easy to hurt themselves.

7. If The volume is too high sound toys will cause damage to the baby's eardrum.

Choose toys is not the more the better, too many toys tend to distract the child's attention
The most important thing is to be fun, to attract the baby, it is best to choose a long age span, from easy to difficult toys are most suitable so that the use of toys baby higher.

Author's recommendation: Magic cube

I believe that we all have a Rubik's Cube as children, but few people can restore it, so often play for a short time and then discarded it to the side.

The Rubik's Cube we introduce today is a good solution to this problem. By downloading and using the accompanying app and following the tutorial, children as young as a few years old can restore the Rubik's Cube in 30 steps.
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