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How to make wooden toys-Woodmam

What are the necessary tools for beginners?

The most pragmatic approach is to learn to use the simplest tools to produce simple works and then purchase additional tools in a gradual manner. Stiff also suggests the most introductory 5 tools.

1.Folding saw: using a folding saw to sew a straight line is very good, until after skilled, you can also see some large curves.

2. Hand drill: Although the hand drill is not as efficient as the electric drill, for beginners is a safer choice.

3. Hammer: hammer is the most basic tool for woodworking, especially the hammer is a good partner for hammering nails!

4. The finer the sandpaper, the smoother the surface of the wood. It is generally recommended to use #200 or more, and if you want to create a "baby skin-like" feel, use #800 or more.

5. Watercolor, advertising paint, acrylic paint, or paint: If you want to paint, Hardy suggests from simple watercolor to professional advertising paint and acrylic paint, if you want to use paint, it is recommended to use OSMO paint which claims to be pure and natural.

Where to buy materials?

To buy woodworking materials or tools can be selected in places such as "Tetra House", "IKEA", "Homebox", etc. Some businesses, such as Tetra House, also provide wood cutting services to avoid playing woodworking at home will be reported by neighbors.

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