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The categories of wooden toys-Woodmam

1. Wooden toys for preschool education

Appropriately add some auxiliary learning tools in the preschool education stage to inspire children's accurate understanding of letters, shapes, numbers, and quantities.

2. Role-playing wooden toys

As an essential part of early childhood education, young children should learn to communicate and be good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, and role-play is a game activity for cultivating children to develop correct communication behaviors. In role games, children play different roles, different roles correspond to different identities, and different identities have different expressions, such as various languages, actions, images, etc. These different roles are the children's roles in the future society. Initial experience of identity.

3. Building blocks wooden toys

It can help babies exercise hand-eye coordination, inspire them to understand geometric shapes, numbers, etc., cultivate the ability to classify shapes and colors and stimulate children's hands-on interest.

4. Transportation wooden toys

Inspire the baby's curiosity about the structure of trains, cars, and various engineering vehicles, understand the transformation relationship between objects through the building, train the baby's ability to assemble, drag and organize, and improve the child's ability to take care of themselves.

5. Puzzle wooden toys

Through the puzzles of various forms and rich contents, it helps children understand the combination, disassembly, and recombination of graphics cultivates the patience and perseverance of infants and young children and trains children's ability to think independently.

6. Exercise wooden toys

Climbing frames are a particularly popular class of wooden toys these days. The climbing frame can exercise the baby's physical flexibility and coordination, cultivate the baby's brave character, help the baby's sense of space, and so on. Especially after the epidemic is at home, climbing frames have become the first choice of many parents to continue indoor toys that can be played with and consume children's energy.

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