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The educational significance of building blocks Ⅲ-Woodmam

Building spatial concepts
  A child enjoys building beautiful buildings with blocks. When building, he has to imagine the position of each block in the building, and then place each block in the most appropriate place, which is the basis of spatial sense.

  1. Blocks fall down
  You put the blocks up one by one, and when they reach a certain height, let your child use his hands to push them down. The child will usually laugh happily when he or she sees the blocks fall down. Although this is a very simple game of "wrecking", it is an important activity for children to improve their spatial awareness skills.

  2. Curved paths
  Teach your child to arrange the long blocks at certain intervals, you can connect them into a curved path. Then give your child a toy car, he can follow this "path" to play with the car, it is best not to touch the blocks. This can exercise the child's ability to visually detect spatial distances, and develop a sense of three-dimensional and hand-eye coordination.

  3. Bowling
  First, the cylindrical blocks of different colors are arranged in an inverted triangle, and then let the child leave a distance, take a ball rolled to the blocks, and the blocks will be knocked down. As the child's ability grows, the distance can be gradually increased. This game requires the child to have a sense of direction, to improve attention, exercise physical coordination is also helpful.

  4. Dominoes
  Arrange the blocks in the way of dominoes, and then knock down the front or the last block in the row to enjoy the interesting sight of the blocks falling in order. In the process of placing the blocks, children need to accurately judge the spatial distance and require precise hand movements and high concentration.
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