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The educational significance of building blocksⅠ-Woodmam

1. Exercise hand-eye coordination

When stacking blocks, children need to use their hands deftly, so it can promote the development of the fine motor. Stacking scattered blocks to create complex objects can also exercise hand-eye coordination.

2. Develop observation skills

The objects that children build, such as houses, are actually common in life. They must first learn to observe, and then in the process of playing, the things observed in daily life with blocks to show. The power of observation will be cultivated unconsciously.

3. Cultivate the ability to interact

It is better to let children and other children build blocks together, which is more interesting than playing alone. Moreover, children building blocks together will inspire each other, so they will play more seriously, which is also good for developing children's ability to get along with others.

4. It gives your child more self-confidence. The process of building blocks can be controlled by your child, which brings him/her satisfaction and self-confidence.

5. Children can also learn a lot of mathematical knowledge in the process of playing with blocks, develop a sense of space, imagination, creativity and language skills, etc.
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