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The way toys are cleaned and disinfected-Woodmam

Plush toys

Plush toys can be hand-washed or machine-washed according to the label. When machine washing, it is recommended to put them in a laundry bag to make them less deformed. The sterilization part can use sunlight sterilization or ultraviolet instrument sterilization.

Silicone or rubber toys

Silicone or rubber toys can be washed or wiped, when washed, you can use a small number of natural cleaning agents to clean, after cleaning should be thoroughly dried in the sun. Disinfection methods can be seen in the degree of heat resistance to choosing sterilization pot or hot water disinfection; but it should be noted that silicone or rubber toys are soft and can be pressed, and can not be disassembled to see the internal dirt, so should be avoided in the water, so as not to breed germs.

Plastic toys

Plastic toys should be cleaned with attention to whether it contains batteries, if there should be removed first, cleaning to wipe or water-based washing, you can add a little detergent and supplement by sponge scrubbing. Disinfection part can use alcohol disinfection or ultraviolet disinfection pot disinfection, but if the child is still in the oral period, may put the toy in the mouth age should avoid alcohol disinfection, if you really want to use alcohol, remember to wipe with a clean cloth after disinfection.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys are mainly wiped and must be dried after a thorough wipe to avoid mold or discoloration. Disinfection methods can be used alcohol or diluted bleach disinfection.

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