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Wooden toys - the best toys for kids!

Wooden toys are a large category of toys with a long history, dating back more than 1,700 years. They first started in the Baichgarden and Champagne area of ​​Germany, where small animals were carved in batches and shipped to Nuremberg for sale. , The vivid wooden gadgets and wooden crafts are deeply loved by people and are sold to the whole Western world through Nuremberg.

After 1800, these wooden knickknacks began to have workshops, ranging from a few inches to a few feet tall, and initially (about 1400 AD) appeared as Christmas decorations. Later developed into a whole set of wooden toys called zoos, the most famous of which is Noah's Ark toy.

Wooden toys formed by horses and other animals, when equipped with wheels, become wooden drag toys. This kind of wooden drag toys is still one of the hot-selling varieties in the toy market, and is favored by the majority of consumers. Due to the change of the times, its content has also changed. Simple wooden horse drag toys have developed into wooden drag toys for trains, ships, cars and even airplanes, showing a thriving scene of wooden toys.
Why are wooden toys so popular?

1. Most of the raw materials of wooden toys come from nature, without the mixing of chemical substances, which is green and environmentally friendly, and also contains a faint log fragrance when you smell it carefully;

2. Because of the diversity of wood materials and flexible selection of materials, a wide variety of wooden toys have been created, and the patterns have changed from the original monotony, and there are countless products;

3. Not only does it look light and delicate, the price is moderate, but the colors have become bright and colorful, and it is easy to operate, which is very popular among parents, friends and children.

Advantages and features of wooden toys suitable for children

1. Advantages of preschool wooden toys:

Baby must-have toys: While training the baby's inlaying ability, carry out the practice of large movements, train the fine movements of the children, inspire the children to accurately understand the shape, number and quantity, and then exercise the flexibility of the muscles

2. The advantages of role-playing wooden toys:

Role play is one of the favorite games of young children. In the role play, children play different roles and perform different expressions, such as various languages, actions, images, etc. These different roles are the children's initial experience of the future social role identity.

It is an important part of early childhood education that young children learn to communicate and be good at communication, and role play is a kind of game activity to cultivate children to develop correct communication behavior.

Therefore, a set of role-playing wooden toys is also essential when we grow up.

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