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A child's lifetime happiness-Woodmam

Every family, hopes that their children can be successful and happy in the future, but what kind of people can be happy and successful in the future? For a child to have a good life, he or she needs to have these traits.

1. Physically and mentally healthy

Physically healthy and able to fit in with their surroundings

2. an income that is not below the social average

A mother came to consult because her daughter, despite graduating from a prestigious school, insisted on becoming a teacher in an elementary school instead of going to a more high-paying foreign company.

The income of an elementary school teacher is about the social average. If her daughter likes being an elementary school teacher and this salary can satisfy her needs, she will be happy to do this job and keep improving herself to become a very good teacher.

If the daughter listens to her mother's indoctrination and goes to a foreign company for a high salary, and then finds out after a while that investment banking pays more, she wants to jump ship. If the job-hopping is not successful, she will be mentally unbalanced; if the job-hopping is successful, she will always find a higher income or will feel unhappy.

Economic income is very important to many people. So, exactly how much income can ensure happiness? As long as the income is not lower than the social average, the child is at peace inside, and is doing what he or she is very willing to do, living a very contented and nourishing life, and can achieve certain social achievements, this is successful.

3. Able to be self-pleasing

A child should have a sense of inner pleasure in the future, and not live only for the evaluation of others. Such a person will not have too many external compulsions and is strong inside.

4. Lifelong learning

Children should develop reading habits from an early age and develop the ability to learn for life. "A person who never stops learning throughout his life, this person's life is full, life is full, and he is living a good life."

5. Able to appreciate the beauty

The child is able to appreciate the beauty and will be moved by it, this person is like a human being, with a human heart, this is the condition that he enjoys the pleasure of being a human being and living well.

6. alone without anxiety

A person who can settle down by himself, there must be rich resources inside enough for him, so he is a person with a soul, relaxed and enjoys life alone, many of us can't do it, this is powerful.

7. no anxiety in the group

He is very natural in the crowd, he needs to develop relationships with whom he will be very active.

8. Helps people's ability

"Some parents ask what to do if their child has poor resilience to frustration. Teach your child to help people. Some parents ask how to develop competitiveness when their child has a sense of competition and is not competitive. Teach your child to help people."

Teaching your child to help others can make your child gain a strong feeling, the energy will be stronger and more competitive, and in the future, people are good, that is, they have a good life.

9. Get close to peers

There is a segment on the Internet that says, to find out how many real friends you really have, just borrow money and try. A real friend is a kind of usual even if not much contact, but when you encounter problems you can be assured to boldly look for him and he will do his best to help you. "If a person has a few such friends, he will live with a different bottom."

Parents should ask their children to carry others in their hearts, from childhood willing to share with others, he can have two friends in the future.

10. be intimate with your partner

Intimacy is an ability. Inside marriage, there is no one good or wrong, in the end, it is a matter of personality maturity. Parents should raise their children to become a person with mature personalities and learn how to get along with their spouses.

11. correct values in life

Finally, for a child to have a good life, he or she must also have the right values in life. Parents need to help their children develop healthy, positive values.
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