Aggressive behavior of babies-Woodmam

Aggressive behavior of babies-Woodmam

Aggressive behavior is a behavior aimed at causing harm or pain to others, and it manifests itself in different forms at different ages. In kindergarten, it is mainly manifested as physical aggression such as quarrels and fights, while slightly older children more often use verbal aggression, name-calling, denigration, intentionally causing psychological harm to the other person, etc.

The critical period for the formation of aggressive behavior is the infant and toddler stage. During this period, parents do everything possible to meet the needs of their children, inadvertently pampering and indulging the child to do whatever they want, the child will use aggressive means to vent their frustration when they are not satisfied.

Psychologists believe that aggression is a negative way to vent tension and dissatisfaction, and is extremely harmful to children's development and must be corrected. Parents can use the "attention diversion" method to give more attention to the only child with aggressive behavior like Wei Wei, and use more interesting things in daily life to divert the child's attention, so that the child can develop a variety of interests, temperaments, so as to achieve the purpose of eradicating aggression.

Specific methods include: consuming energy, taking the child to run, play ball or chess activities when he is emotionally stressed or angry; cultivating cultural interests, painting and music are the best ways to cultivate temperament, and guiding the child to engage in such activities will help the child to restore psychological balance and gradually shift the aggressive behavior.
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