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Be "heartfelt" with your children-Woodmam

1, Respectful heart

Parents should be good at creating a democratic, relaxed and harmonious family atmosphere. They should have strict requirements for their children, but also understand, respect, and trust them. In addition to caring for the child's life in general, we should learn more about what the child thinks and needs. Parents should put their children on an equal footing with themselves, and not always think that children are too young and do not know what to do so that everything is decided and arranged by parents.

Parents should discuss and communicate more with their children so that the child can feel that he (or she) is an important member of the family and develop a sense of responsibility from an early age. You should respect your child's hobbies and desires and not impose them on your child, but respect your child's hobbies, play to your child's strengths and guide them properly. Children get love, respect, and understanding from their parents, and in turn, will respect and love their parents, and only in a relaxed, harmonious family atmosphere, the child can grow up healthy.

2, A tolerant heart

Every child has shortcomings or shortcomings, and every child has a heart for goodness and a sparkling point. But many parents often due to the role of inherent and blind expectations, often see the child's shortcomings, so usually give the child arbitrary reprimand, chastisement, or scolding. A child's mind is tender, and maybe gloomy and loses confidence because of a word, a look, or a gesture, or may be motivated by a parent's encouragement.

In the process of growing up, children need affirmation and appreciation at all times, so parents should always affirm their children's progress, and when a child is confused or makes a mistake, they should put themselves on an equal footing with the child and start from a caring heart of understanding, moving him with affection and reasoning, to convince him and help him progress.

3, the normal heart

Parents should have a normal heart for their children's development and should accept their children's ordinariness. Modern psychological research shows that a person's success is the interaction of intellectual and non-intellectual factors and non-intellectual factors play a leading role in the process. Research by experts at home and abroad shows that people's intelligence is very high or very low are a minority, and the vast majority are medium level.

That is to say, the non-intellectual factors of people who are very good or very poor are also a minority, the vast majority are in general condition. In this way, the final result of the interaction between intellectual and non-intellectual factors also obeys the normal distribution, with a minority of very good or very bad people and a majority of ordinary people. This predetermines that not everyone can achieve the same success if they work hard. Therefore, do not expect too much from your child, and do not verbally compare your child with the best children at will, so that your child will have low self-esteem and lose self-confidence.

Conclusion: There are many factors that affect a child's healthy growth, and the family is the first environment in which a child grows up. The way parents are educated has an extremely important impact on an individual's psychological development, personality formation, attribution, and psychological defenses. In the process of educating children, if parents treat their children with a respectful, normal, and tolerant heart, they will be able to promote the overall healthy physical and psychological development of their children.
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