Children Can Play with Cell Phones But Can't Build Blocks-Woodmam

Children Can Play with Cell Phones But Can't Build Blocks-Woodmam

What is video terminal syndrome?

According to pediatricians, the electronic products that are commonly used nowadays mainly transmit various information through video displays, and these video display terminals not only stimulate the human body's visual and auditory afferent nerves but also affect the brain's efferent nerves, causing changes in thinking and behavior. If overuse will bring physical discomfort, psychological abnormalities, social barriers, and other problems, so-called the syndrome.

It should be noted that among adolescent students and adults, video terminal syndrome is mainly manifested as eye fatigue, shoulder, neck, and wrist syndrome, neurasthenia syndrome, etc. Infants and preschoolers, on the other hand, behave differently from adults and have not received much attention from parents.

If people do not pay attention to this problem, so that children who are in the growth and development period are exposed to electronic products too early and too much, then it will certainly bring adverse effects to their physical growth and functional maturity. The following is a specific analysis for you.

Impact on vision and hearing

This is the impact of video through the afferent nerves. Impact on vision, which we should be able to understand, play for a long time will appear like Jing Jing such a variety of eye discomfort, generally a temporary situation, after rest will be relieved. But we still need to pay attention to, whether long-term video exposure will cause vision loss or myopia aggravated.

Causes psychological and behavioral problems

When reading books or listening to stories, children can't help but imagine themselves. And videos provide a lot of, visual and fast information, which makes children lose the space for thinking and imagination. The child's brain activity will be accidentally affected by facing the video terminal for a long time, which will lead to psychological problems.

Affecting behavior and movement

This is the effect that video brings through the efferent nerves. The child has squeezing eyebrows and a stuck voice situation, which is actually a multiple tic disorder due to its increased neural excitability.

Also, children can play mobile games to build blocks but not because the latter is a more difficult activity in three-dimensional space than the former just finger-clicking action on a two-dimensional plane.

Another thing is that the child is late in speaking because of developmental language delay. Because of her early addiction to electronic devices and lack of interaction with people, the development of language function was affected.

Here we remind you that video terminal syndrome is not just a trivial matter of eye discomfort, you should pay more attention to its adverse effects on the growth and development of children. And to prevent children from using electronic devices too early and too much, we as parents should of course set a good example.
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