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Children need parental respect-Woodmam

Parents should not think that children are small, and they can ignore many things. Children even small need parents' respect, "all the parents in the world think I love my children, I have given so much for them, there will never be a case of disrespect. Because I want my child to be respected by others, I will do my best to respect my child.

Mentally we do think that way. We love our children, respect them, and want them to grow up happy, but we ignore the impact of our words and actions on our children when we joke, when we are impulsive, or when we are angry. We many times ignore the impact of our actions, thinking that those words our children understand are for their own good, but we really hurt our children.

Come and see if you have ever behaved in some of these manners? Not only are we disrespectful, but we are also deliberately provoking our children, and I think our children would say loudly, "I've had enough!" if they dared to express it. Discussing children regardless of the occasion Many parents are particularly inattentive at this point, talking about their children's strengths (which sometimes the children don't always see as strengths) and weaknesses (which sometimes the children don't always see as their weaknesses) as if they weren't there when they are clearly around. We even share jokes about our children with friends in front of them, and embarrassing stories about our children growing up, and we talk about all the things that our children have already broken down inside. From proud moments to funny moments, parents always want to share these details with others, with special understanding and understanding, because that is the joy and happiness that belongs to us parents! But please note that you must not talk about these topics in front of your children.
There must be moments in life when your child must be red in the face, fighting to cover your mouth, because you are really talking too much! For the child, he only wants you to know, only wants this to be a secret that belongs to you and him. You really don't want anyone to know. Children are not pets, not accessories to a couple. We need to really respect them!

Condescending strong parents in our daily lives, we are definitely stronger than our children, and many times in our lives we make a lot of demands on our children to share together, to do homework together, to play games together ...... Such companionship is too good to be true, and this is the kind of companionship children need. In the process of playing with your child, especially when playing the game of completing tasks, you are always faster and better than your child to complete the task, and sometimes you even sneer at the momentary mistakes of your child. We think this is just a game, but we ignore the fact that during the game we are all competing with our children and completely ignoring the fact that they are still a vulnerable group.

No matter how strong we are now, please believe that one day, sometime in the future, your child will be able to master everything you are learning now, and that is a given. Every parent is imperfect, we actually make a lot of mistakes in our lives with our children, please realize our mistakes and correct them, because we are adults and we want to be role models for our children!
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