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Children's rebelliousness-Woodmam

What are the reasons for the baby's rebellion?

First, rebellion is a manifestation of the baby's personality beginning to be independent.

Rebellion is a psychological phenomenon that is bound to occur in the process of the baby's psychological development. As babies grow older, especially the development of language and thinking skills, their social and practical skills and experience and range of activities are growing, they have a stronger sense of control and awareness of the surrounding environment and things, more and more independent, for many things have a desire to "do it yourself". However, parents often think that their babies are young and slow, so they often take care of them and create many restrictions for them. The words "no", "dangerous" and "no" often ring in the baby's ears. Babies want to be recognized for their behavior and want their independent activities not to be restricted and interfered with, so in order not to lose the opportunity to perform, they have to seek resistance.

Second, improper parenting style directly affects the formation of baby rebelliousness.

Some parent's "patriarchal" style is serious, do not consider the baby's ideas and views, discipline the baby often roughly asking the baby is not allowed to do this and that; some parents are eager to become a dragon, the baby to learn this and that, if the baby is not interested in learning, do not want to learn, the parents put on an elders posture, so it is easy to produce and baby emotional confrontation. Baby's curiosity is always very strong, always likes to touch all kinds of things, so it may damage some things, some parents in the face of this behavior of the baby, education is not very consistent, and sometimes ignore the baby's destructive behavior, not let the baby suffer punishment, and sometimes too harsh, a rough reproach to the baby or even physical punishment. This inconsistent way of parenting often makes the baby confused, and does not know right or wrong. In the long run, it is easy to cause the baby's rebellious psychology. In addition, some parents are excessively trivial, the baby has to control everything, everything to nag, which is also a cause of the baby's rebellious psychology.

After understanding the causes of a baby's rebelliousness, we can prescribe the right remedy to find a solution to the problem.

How should the parents get rid of the baby's rebelliousness?

First, use the favorable side of rebelliousness.

Baby rebelliousness has its own special physiological and psychological reasons for the baby in the process of development must go through the period. We can analyze the characteristics of this period and make use of its favorable aspects to better promote the baby's development. As babies grow older and more experienced, they

The desire to explore the world around them becomes stronger, which is a great time for babies to develop independence. Parents and teachers should try to provide opportunities for babies to do things on their own while ensuring safety and reasonableness. For example, when buying clothes or eating, try to consult your baby and give them the opportunity to make their own choices. The most important thing is to treat your baby equally and respect their emotional and emotional needs so as to reduce conflicts and contradictions between your baby and adults.

Second, change the unreasonable parenting style, and implement a democratic, equal, respectful, and inclusive parenting style.

Respect the baby's ideas and views, more opportunities for the baby to talk and express their ideas, and when the baby does something wrong or feels confused, parents and teachers should be kind to the baby, laying out the facts, reasoning, so that the baby understands the reasoning, so as to be able to solve the problem well. In many cases, the baby's rebelliousness is often caused by improper adult parenting, therefore, from the beginning, we should pay attention to providing an orderly and reasonable problem-solving living environment for the baby. This will be very helpful for the baby to develop good behavior and the formation of a healthy emotional expression of emotions, so as to successfully pass the first "rebellious period" of life.

If the baby's rebelliousness is very serious, then you can use some small strategies. For example, by focusing on other activities to divert the baby's attention; the emotional understanding of the baby's approach, but behavior to firmly stop the baby's unreasonable practices; or the use of avoidance or ignoring the practice of ignoring the baby's pestering and rebellious behavior, so that the baby themselves feel that their behavior is meaningless, so as to subdue the baby's rebellious behavior and so on.
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