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How parents can correct their children's bad habits-Woodmam

One, the little temper constantly

Is the family's little princess, grandparents all in the hands of the heart. But the child slowly bigger, more and more small tantrums. Once at noon, the grandmother made the child a delicious meal, but saw the cupcakes on TV and asked the grandmother to buy them. In the middle of the day, the grandmother wanted to coax the child to eat first, and then buy after eating.

Who knows the idea did not go as hoped, immediately threw a tantrum, a small fist has been smashed grandmother, but also gambled not to eat. Finally, the grandmother took and ran to the cake store to buy a cake, which was happy again.

In fact, now children are temperamental, most of the reasons are also parents spoil the bad. Every day good food and drink, someone to help her solve any problem, it has become a small dependence on ghosts, once the requirements are not met, will start throwing tantrums, so long-term, it is easy for children to develop bad habits, the future is difficult to integrate into society.

Therefore, parents should know a "degree", the child should be given to us to give, but also do not give spoiled. Let your child do something that is easy to do and exercise a sense of responsibility.

Second, the climbing heart

Recently, there was a fire on the Internet, and the children kept shouting about it after reading it. The mother felt that these things are hot, both a waste of money, and children can not play for a long time, so they did not agree.

But who knows, after a few days, the child came running again, still wanting mom to buy that toy. And told his mother that one of the children in kindergarten bought it, others have their own wants.

When a child is young and has a climbing mind, his mind is easily distracted and he does not concentrate when he studies. As an adult, living in the world of vanity after climbing, their own lack of goals, and vision will not be very long-term.

In such cases, mothers need to communicate more with their children to establish the right values. If the child really wants a thing, he or she can exchange it for his or her own labor by doing chores. The child knows that money is not easy to come by and will be careful when spending it.

Third, learn to lie

Mom finished shopping for groceries and casually put a few dollars of change on the table, but at noon, she suddenly found that the money was missing. Out of suspicion, Ma asked first, saw the money on the table did not. Tell mom that she did not know.

But after a few days, Xiao Jun's mother from Xiao Jun's school bag found a small man's painting. Only after the mother sternly reprimanded, did the child say that he took it. Learning to lie from a young age makes it hard for people around you to believe you. People will think you're a liar and won't want to get close. When you grow up, your interpersonal relationships will be poorer.

We parents need to be good role models in our daily lives and lead by example. When you encounter a child who has lied, don't rush to criticize. First, go to understand the truth, and then to communicate with the child.

Fourth, no compassion for others

The mother was tired all day and came home to ask her son to pour a glass of water, she thought that his son sat in front of the TV and did not even move a bit. The mother was angry and said a few heavy words, but I didn't expect her son to cry.

The son was spoiled by his mother from childhood so the child's mother simply needs to be heartbroken. A single spoiled love, in return for the child's indifference. Such a child, the future does not know how to care about loved ones, self-awareness is very strong, that is, some selfishness and self-interest.

In this case, the mother can let the child participate in more group activities to develop a sense of responsibility. You can also let your child participate in family work to integrate the family atmosphere.

Fifth, Selfishness

A friend brought her child to visit her home, and the two children were playing with toys together. The friend's child politely said: Let me play with your toys, and next time you come to our home, I will let you play with my toys. The next time you come to our house, I'll let you play with my toys. Who would have thought that my own child, who had no intention of sharing, had all the toys wrapped around his own back?

After this incident, I can't help but worry that children are so selfish, that it is difficult to deal with others in the future. After entering society, it is easy to be confused by a small favor.

Later I started to communicate with my child and tried to understand why he did not want to share. After that, I often took my child to my friend's house. Over there, the friend child took the initiative to share his toys with him, and after that, he was embarrassed and started sharing his own toys.

As children grow up, there are many kinds of problems,  especially small details that can breed bad habits in the future. If your child has more than three of the above problems, parents should pay more attention, and patiently help children to solve the small bad habits in the body, the future will be easier to become a good person. 

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