How parents can treat their introverted children-Woodmam

How parents can treat their introverted children-Woodmam

An introverted personality is just like an extroverted personality, a normal tendency for personality traits, but not a character flaw. It's just that in life, children with extroverted personalities are more likely to win the attention and affection of others, while children with introverted personalities are often misunderstood.

American author Susan Cain says, "The more an introverted child is given the freedom to be himself, the more they can come up with unique solutions to problems." Because the introverted child has unique strengths.

1, Introverted children have a richer inner world and a greater love of learning because they divide their energy, their energy, into things that really interest them.

2. Introverted children are naturally solitary, so they don't need you to arrange slow activities for them, they have something to do.

3, Introverted children know how to follow the rules because they do not want to be the ones to break the rules and be noticed by everyone.

What should parents do when they have an introverted child?

Parents of children who are particularly introverted should understand that introversion in itself is not a character flaw. Every child can surprise us, and we need to give them more time and learn to respect them, rather than label them out of hand. Letting your child be their own unique self is more important than anything else.
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