How parents pick good picture books-Woodmam

How parents pick good picture books-Woodmam

1. The pictures and text complement each other

For small babies, the story content of picture books sometimes can not catch their attention, the pictures have already grabbed the baby's eyes, so when choosing a picture book, you can observe the presentation of drawings, such as some picture books are more like "illustration style", only presenting textual content, no details of the depiction, it is recommended that parents should choose drawings The picture book with more meaning.

For example, it can complement or extend the content of the text, or through clever drawing, so that children can actively observe the pictures and imagine the scenes so that children can play with imagination, develop empathy or increase the sense of participation from the pictures and text.

It is not only the beautiful pictures that are chosen as the standard but sometimes even simple childlike lines that are interesting enough to arouse children's interest can be taken into consideration.

2. Avoid textbook picture books

Good picture books usually in the story arrangement, will be through the simple illustrations to guide children to think or leave can provide parent-child discussion space, will not obviously directly to a thing of right and wrong concept, for example, Yong Klassen (Jon Klassen) "this is not my hat", picture book description of a small fish stole the big fish hat, but the end of the big fish took back the hat, but no special explanation This white space provides space for parent-child discussion and the child's free imagination, thus allowing the parent and child to reflect and discover together, rather than directly emphasizing that taking things is bad and will be punished and other linear conclusions.

A simple way to tell: If the illustrations in a picture book are similar to those in a textbook, it is a good idea to eliminate them, as these textbook-style picture books are relatively weak in terms of literary value, artistic value, or inspiration for the imagination.

3. Parents like

Although the picture book is selected for the baby, because it is guided by the parents to read, it is recommended that the selection should also choose the parents themselves like if there is a good reputation for the picture book, but the parents themselves do not like, it is not necessary to force the purchase, in order to ensure that the parents and children together when reading together.

4. Realistic pictures

For babies before the age of 2, the presentation of picture books is usually very simple. It is advisable to consider picture books with a more realistic drawing style, for example, realistic depictions of animals, plants, or insects, so that babies can get to know the real world from the book and make reading more relevant to real-life experiences.

5. Diversified book selection

Take a more open-minded view of different picture books. After all, when we focus too much on one value, it's easy to overlook other values. For example, if parents don't find the desired educational value in a particular picture book and don't include it in their shopping list, they may miss out on a picture book that highlights other values or may be of interest to their child.

For example, if you focus on the educational content, you may overlook the poetic and artistic expression of emotion or imagination in the picture book. Therefore, parents are advised to be flexible in choosing books for their children, so that they can bring in more different perspectives from picture books.

When choosing picture books for your child, you can also observe the bookcases in your home first. If you find that most of the picture books of the same genre are available, parents may want to try to break away from the familiar style of book selection and bring in different styles or genres of picture books for their children, so that they can have more exposure and acceptance to different types of picture books.

6. To the best of their ability

When the child's ability is not enough to choose books for themselves, parents can observe which people and things the baby is currently most interested in, if it is dinosaurs, you can choose more related books for the child to explore in-depth to extend their current interests, at the same time, do not worry about the child to explore the project is too single, parents can select from books related to dinosaurs to present a different point of view of the picture book.
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