How parents teach their children the basic rules of survival-Woodmam

How parents teach their children the basic rules of survival-Woodmam

Raising children as beasts - the survival of the fittest is the eternal law of survival of the fittest. Yes, if we can't teach our children to understand these basic rules of survival, how can they stand and compete in society in the future?
Survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, and survival of the weakest is the most basic law of survival, and it is also eternal law. Mothers must keep this in mind.

1. The weak are stronger than the strong

Recently, I have been worried about my son fighting, because he is always losing, I almost want to rush up to help him fight, every time I teach him to protect his face, but always face is scratched, I even wonder if I should enroll him in a course to teach how to fight with people, or else a little older, the boy will not fight is always being bullied.

Because we humans are at the top of the food chain and have our own place to live, we are actually separated from nature because, for the time being, we are not infested by nature's animals, but in a progressive human society, we have to face the same rules of the weak and the strong. You are weak and you are bullied, you are strong others will back off.

In the forest, it is a bloody forest food chain, as long as the weak are deprived of life, in human society, it is a fight without smoke, and when you lose the battle, it is the same as losing the position, no longer have the power to fight back.

2. Superiority and inferiority

Yesterday I received an interview notice, so I went to, in filling out the form, there is a registration form, I saw that the age level of applicants for my position are between 28-30 years old, I instantly had a feeling of being eliminated, in young with energy, learning ability, educational background, it is obvious how the employer will do the choice is obvious.

When women reach 40 (including men), want to find a suitable job, or want to have a new development, society will be very limited, Yao Chen in a speech about this reality, is also considered a reality of the existence of the survival of the fittest.

As long as we survive in society, we can't escape the laws of survival. As a mother, you want to let your child know early, or protect your child from knowing, this will make an essential difference to your child.

3. Survival of the fittest

Yesterday, while walking in the neighborhood, I saw a child riding a bicycle, all claiming that his mother was chasing after him, and the mother was having a hard time, and the child was having a hard time. The child could not commit to playing with other children, the mother ran out of breath, and the child asked: Mom you do not have to follow me. Mom said: I'm afraid you'll fall. I was wondering if I was too big-hearted, but then I thought, I should stick to my philosophy, I am now protecting him everywhere, how can he be independent in the future. The fall always has to fall, after the fall will grow up.

When I was a child, my parents basically would not give me any support, so I would seem more independent, I guess, in doing things will be more involved, because I know there will be no one to help me, their own things to do, their own everything their own decision. I think that if the mother does too much, in the future when the child should be independent, he will take it for granted and think, "Mom will protect me.

When on the battlefield to kill, one thinks of the courage to go forward, a wait for others to help, I think the gap will be highlighted.

The truth under human society

No matter how advanced the development of society, people ultimately have the attributes of animals, this point can not be erased, we all developed from the state of the beast, the genes can not change, and must not forget the original appearance.

If you want your children to win in society in the future, please be sure to follow the laws of social survival, based on this to establish the appropriate psychological adaptation mechanism to help children to resist various problems in growth, including the most mentioned now anti-frustration education, why can not resist frustration, because in the education process you are too protective, never let children see the real world.
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