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How to Teach Your Children?-Woodmam

Parents are the best parenting experts for their children, because only parents can fully understand their children's personality, preferences and abilities. However, parenting is a continuous learning process, and parents tend to overlook some things in raising their children.

1. Don't ignore the crying of the child

It can be said that almost every parent will have a tangled period in their hearts when faced with the baby's crying. They have read various parenting books and heard various viewpoints. , should not be ignored, this will encourage the baby's psychology to use crying to achieve its goals. Some say that when the baby is crying, it should be comforted immediately, and the baby should not be too sad, which will affect the baby's growth and development. Most parents, the crying of the baby has gone from a contradictory psychology to a negative psychology, never knowing what to do or not willing to do it. Babies cry because they are expecting to communicate with their parents in their own way. If parents ignore it, children will gradually lose their love to communicate with their parents, and it will make children feel that they can't feel their parents' care and love. Therefore, parents should be sensitive to the baby's crying, find out the reason for the baby's crying, and then take corresponding countermeasures.

2. Don't ignore your child's complaints

How many parents have enough patience and mood to listen to their children's complaints? When the child comes back from school for a day and is unhappy, how many parents are willing to squat down, ask the child well, comfort and comfort the child? How many parents are doing housework while talking to their children in a perfunctory way? In fact, every child originally regarded their parents as the first object of confidence, and it was the parents’ own actions that made them withdraw from the list of children’s confidants. From the parents, the child not only did not feel valued, the child's psychological problems were not solved in a timely manner, but also learned to perfunctory. Therefore, parents should cherish the opportunity for the child to talk to you, guide the child to tell his problems, and then carefully help him analyze, help him solve, and give him comfort and encouragement.

3. It should not be ignored that children need the company of both parents

In many families, even if both parents are at home, one person takes care of the children and the other is busy with other things. It is rare to see a family of three enjoying themselves together. In fact, children need the company of both parents. Every time I find that Doudou is often a little listless when just one of his parents is playing with him, and very excited when I play with him with Daddy Dou. Parents play with the baby, on the one hand, let the baby feel that the relationship between the parents is deep and the family is harmonious. Babies, on the other hand, can feel double the love themselves and feel valued. Of course, the game with one more person will definitely be more interesting.

4. Don't ignore the child's personality

Every baby is unique. In the process of parenting, parents often ignore this point. They are a bit "bringing according to the book", a bit of a follower, and even a bit of vanity. Every baby has its own growth rate, ability, personality and temperament. Don't impose your own expectations on your baby, and don't compare yourself with others. And according to the baby's own personality, hobbies, and abilities to plan the child's life.

5. Don't ignore your child's sensitive period - something your child likes to do

Every time a child has his interests, this is the child's sensitive period. And parents can easily ignore the sensitive period of their children and miss the best opportunities for many children to learn. For example, a child will like to jump up and down for a while, because it is a sensitive period for him to discover the space, but the parents will find it very noisy and annoying, so they keep stopping it. In fact, if you accompany your child at this time, you can count the steps with him, tell him different things he sees from different heights, or even do nothing, just let him play happily enough. Better than constant stopping. For another example, a child has been fond of recognizing colors for a period of time, and he will definitely add what color to the name of the thing. At this time, did the parents notice? Do you go to the trouble of telling your child what color everything is? ——This is the best time for children to learn colors. If the child has passed this sensitive period of color, it will take several times more effort to teach him than before.

6. The cultivation of children's personality should not be neglected

In the parenting concept of many parents, the cultivation of children's intelligence must be ranked first, accounting for a large proportion, while ignoring the cultivation of children's personality. As everyone knows, in everyone's life, good character, temperament, and ability are the first elements for a person to gain love and cooperation. Therefore, parents should spend more time on the cultivation of their children's personality, and teach their children to be wise, tolerant, honest, and self-disciplined from an early age.

7. The responsibility of the father should not be ignored

In most families, the role of father is largely absent. Although they live in the same house every day, some children can hardly even see their father for a day, let alone play with their children. In the heart of many fathers, they think that making money for their children is an obligation to raise their children, and it is the mother's business to preside over the house and take care of the children. In fact, many scientific studies have shown that children who often play with their fathers have higher intellectual development. Because the child not only needs to learn the gentle side of the mother, but also needs to have the masculine temperament of the father. If there is a lack of education from the father, the child's character, emotion, will, and way of thinking will be affected, and even make the child appear sentimental, cowardly, and courageous. Little fear of things, withdrawn personality, low self-esteem and other characteristics.

8. The power of parental example should not be ignored

It is said that "teaching by words and deeds", parents are their children's best teachers. Therefore, what parents say and do in front of their children will have a great impact on their children. However, many parents ignore this. Thinking that the child is still young and does not understand, talking about other people's affairs in front of the child, saying bad things about others, even swearing, arguing in front of the child - these will cause psychological shadows to the child, and even the child will be invisible. These are all learned, and when he grows up, it will naturally manifest. I remember reading an article written by Zheng Yuanjie. He likes to read in front of his children when he is reading, just to let the children know that their father likes to read and let the children learn along with them. Therefore, it is said that parents are the biggest role models for children. How parents behave in front of children is roughly what children will look like in the future. From this, we can see how powerful role models are!

9. The principles that parents should adhere to should not be ignored

In the psychology of every parent, there is a principle at first, this thing should be done and this thing should not be done. However, many parents often ignore this principle. Doing the same thing in a different way can confuse your baby: Am I doing this right?
For example, when you take a child to play on a slide, you tell the child: you can't climb up the slide when someone is next to you, and other children will bump into you when they come down. However, when no one is there, you pull the child up the slide for convenience. Think about it, how confused the child will be, how can he understand the standard of right and wrong?

10. Parents should not be ignored

Parenting is a challenging job, and when parents themselves feel tired, impatient, frustrated, or frustrated, it can be hard to deal with a child who is always so energetic and demanding. While raising their children carefully, many parents often neglect themselves, forget that they need to take good care of themselves, and sometimes even sacrifice their "self" greatly. In the long run, a vicious circle has formed. Therefore, taking care of yourself is more beneficial to taking care of your baby.

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