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Is it necessary for parents to maintain a mutual trust with their children? Woodmam

No one can stand without faith. No matter what you do, it is a great pleasure to be trusted. So is it necessary for parents to maintain a mutual trust with their children? The answer is yes.

The original meaning of trust is to believe and give trust. Some parents believe that there is no such thing as trust and respect for children. The key is to restrain them, otherwise, the children will not obey discipline. Therefore, they do not have the patience to listen to their children's complaints and demands and scold them regardless of the occasion. Doing so not only easily dampens the child's self-confidence and self-esteem, but also makes the child intimidated by the parents.

In order to make their children listen to their own words, some parents do what their children say, do what they ask for, and even protect their shortcomings, lie to their children, and praise their children excessively. Parents feel ashamed and angry for their indulgence, lose their trust and respect for their parents, and become more and more rebellious, and their parents will not listen to what they say.

Erickson, a famous American psychologist, once put forward the "lifelong development theory of personality". For a 3-year-old child's personality development, the most important thing is to gain a sense of trust and develop a sense of hope. If parents guide them properly during this period, children can develop optimistic and confident qualities.

Parents need to cultivate their children's sense of trust by starting with the little things every day. In addition, parents should pay more attention to their children's emotional changes and preferences.

Moms are the most important educators. In the first few years of a child's life, a mother will trust her, others, and the world if she can meet his physical, mental, and safety needs in a timely manner. On the contrary, if his needs cannot be met in time, pessimism and despair will gradually develop over time, which is not conducive to the formation of his good character.

Infants and toddlers are the periods when children need the most care in their growth stages. Try not to change the child's companion at this time, especially mothers who are indispensable. Usually, working mothers have to go to work during the day and spend less time with their children. When the child expresses his emotions, he will say: "Mom doesn't go to work, mother is with me." At this time, the mother must reassure the child and tell the child that he is just Leaving temporarily, but also let the child believe that she will accompany him after getting off work, so as not to hurt the child's young mind.

Parents should not only provide their children with loving and stable care methods but also provide them with strong protection, which will greatly enhance the children's sense of trust in their parents. , parents must use actions to let their children understand: do not be afraid of anything in this world, parents will always be their strongest protectors.

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