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Parents cooperate with early education to make their babies smarter-Woodmam

In real life, parents often have different views on the matter of educating their babies. Either a strict father and a loving mother, or a strict mother and a loving father. One side to fight, one side to protect.

"But this common behavior is very detrimental to the growth of the baby. Although the baby is small, tends to avoid harm or will. Parents of such a fight for a long time to protect the behavior, the baby will know in the wrong, who can find fart protection, even if you do wrong and how. In the long run, the baby will develop a bad habit of dependence, to shelter people say "this is very difficult, you will not see me sad it" and "this thing is not my fault, you help me to solve it".

Parents can not unify their opinions on the baby has such great harm, that disagreement is not to say that there is no ah. What to do when parents disagree? First reach a consensus that education is for the good of the child, encounter disagreement, and first maintain a good state of mind, which is a prerequisite for the conversation. Second: pay attention to the way of communication. Don't argue in front of your child, it's not too late to communicate privately about your child's unintentional, what opinions you have, etc. What if the differences are discussed or cannot be resolved? No one is born to be a parent, the education of children also needs to listen to the experts. For the good of your child, start learning the way of parenting from experts together.

When parents cooperate, the influence on the baby is double. For example, if you let your baby have leftovers, and you tell him or her in unison that "leftovers are wrong," your baby will quickly realize that it is wrong. In the future, they will try to finish their meals, or play with the meals they can finish. This is very helpful for the development of a baby's self-control. After all, the road to growth is bitter and the fruit of growth is sweet. Babies are not visionaries and will not take the initiative to suffer. With a push from the parents, the baby is on the road to healthy growth.
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