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The effect of frequent parental quarrels on children-Woodmam

1. Affect the child's character

Parents quarrel in front of the child, the child will let to fear, and self-blame, parents' hysterical look is deeply imprinted in the child's heart. Children who grow up in such a family are prone to character defects, some become sensitive and inferior, some timid and cowardly, some withdrawn and rebellious, and some are prone to irritability and even violent tendencies.

2. Make the child insecure

Frequent parental quarrels can leave children in a constant state of apprehension, fearing that their parents will leave them. Younger children may also believe that their parents' quarrels are of their own making, adding to the psychological burden. Children who are tormented by fear, anxiety, and tension for a long time can be seriously insecure.

3. Lack of energy and even aversion to school

The family should be a warm harbor for children, if the family atmosphere is often saber-rattling, children in this environment for a long time, will make them irritable, appear difficult to concentrate, easily distracted when studying, and even boredom.

4. Affect the future outlook on marriage

As a result of witnessing parents' quarrels, children will be afraid of marriage and will not want to get married, fearing that they will be in the same situation as their parents after marriage.

5. Makes the child socially awkward

Parents are the best role models for their children. If the child grows up with bad memories all the time, he or she will grow up with a fear of socializing, be sensitive and suspicious inside, and be afraid of contact and communication with other people.

How to reduce the harm to children when couples fight

1. Do not fight in front of the children

If a couple has a conflict, first calm down and talk about it afterward. If you can't help but fight, then never argue in front of your children.

2. Communicate with your children in time

If you accidentally quarrel in front of your child, parents should explain to the child in time, so that the child understands that the quarrel is due to the parents' different opinions and the impulse to quarrel, and at the same time ask the child's forgiveness, telling him that the parents love him no matter what.

3. Reconcile in front of the child

Some couples often quarrel, but reconciliation is also very fast, but do not know the impact on the child has been caused, the child will always be immersed in panic, so parents should give the child an "explanation" after the quarrel, it is best to reconcile in front of the child, you can hug or joke in front of the child so that the child knows that the war has been It is best to reconcile in front of the child.

The most harmful behaviors of parents toward their children

1. Frequent complaining

Parents' complaining is like a poison that slowly erodes the child's body and mind and directly affects the child's way of looking at problems. The child also becomes a complainer and shirks responsibility for things.

2. Always hitting the child

Some parents always like to hit their children, so that children feel that they can not do anything, a serious lack of self-confidence, a serious lifetime of obsequiousness, do not dare to try, do not dare to do something.

3. Always spoil the child

Parents meet the child's unreasonable demands, slowly the child will feel that they are the center of everyone, do not know how to give in and tolerance, can not stand aggression, and develop a selfish, selfish, arrogant personality.

4. Often lose your temper with your child

The child will often live in fear, insecurity, and fear of adults, which will affect the child's life and even the next generation.

5. Always make decisions for your child

Many parents will only think from their own point of view and habitually help their children make good decisions, and such arrangements often make children feel disgusted. The child is not from the heart like, easy to give up.

6. Quarrel in front of the child

Parents who often quarrel in front of their children are traumatic to the child's minds.

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