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The influence of parents' emotions on children-Woodmam

Many mothers may have this experience, sometimes bad emotions come up, they can not control themselves at all, can not help but scold the child, but afterward feel regret, afraid of hurting the child, but when the next bad emotions come, still can not control themselves, what to do?

Parents are the truest mirrors of their children and the closest growing partners. Parents' life behaviors in the family, especially emotions, directly affect the child's mental health development. The creation of a good family atmosphere requires parents to pay particular attention to their own emotional control.

According to his research, infants are born on the basis of emotional mechanisms, but they do not manage their own emotions. own emotions and need to rely on their caregivers, in most cases their mothers, to guide them in managing their emotions.

At the beginning of life, emotions are like a chaotic universe, and there is no self-perception. Infants believe that they and their mothers are one, and do not recognize themselves as separate individuals, so the mother's emotions directly affect her child's emotions. When the child cries, the mother's positive reassurance and interaction will help them learn to manage their own emotions from the way their mother handles them. Until one day, children successfully internalize their mother's reassuring interactions into their own abilities, they will be able to feel safe and loved even when they are alone.

Many parents are often anxious and depressed themselves because of the stressful pace of life. These negative emotions of indifference or violence will have a negative impact on the child and will likely cause the child to form insecure attachments and, most seriously, may affect the child's brain development. It is worth noting that nowadays, in social life, it is not exactly the mother who takes care of the child, but the emotions of the people who take care of the child can have an impact on the child. To get a good development of the child's physical and psychological foundation, all the child's caregivers should pay attention to their own emotional and psychological problems.

One cannot deny the existence of one's emotions; they cannot be eliminated. Therefore, how to live with one's emotions, especially bad emotions, is a subject that everyone needs to learn throughout their lives.

There are many different ways to manage emotions, such as exercise, sensory perception (taking a bath and listening to music), and even simple breathing adjustments are all ways to regulate emotions. Moms and dads can try to regulate their emotions in different ways during the day so that they know the most effective way to regulate their emotions. Here are some of the simplest tips.

▪ Listen to the real voice inside

Under the weight of life's pressures, it is difficult for people to quietly listen to their inner voice. We always say that it is so difficult to control our emotions, but in fact, our hearts often tell us what to do. For example, if a friend or colleague tells you that you are going on a family vacation to travel abroad, take a cruise, go to several countries, etc., the more you listen, the more envious you are, and you start to get a little upset, start to be jealous, and don't even want to talk to this person. ...... At this time, in addition to envy and jealousy, is there a voice inside that is telling you that what you need to do now is In fact, it is to work well, take more time to accompany the family children, as long as the family together, high-quality communication and companionship, but also will be very happy. This voice, in fact, is a valuable next-step guide.

Imagine your child's emotions

Faced with the child's "persistent", facing the child's "unreasonable, shouting", do you feel as if their hearts suddenly burst into a burning flame, simply can not control. What you need to do at this time is to imagine the child's deep emotions, why he or she is doing this, why he or she is deep in such emotions, and what is the cause of such things? How to solve it? Despise, ignoring, and making impulsive decisions in anger can not solve the root of the problem, will only fuel the flame of negative emotions to continue to burn, listen carefully, try to understand, and patient guidance is the wise way to deal with emotions.

Negative emotions are not so terrible, we need, not to suppress, them but enough awareness to experience and admit them. When negative emotions hurt others, we must sincerely apologize for it, including ourselves.
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