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The security given by parents is the best gift to children-Woodmam

A sense of security is a basic need for children to survive.

Children who feel secure are emotionally stable, have a firm and calm personality, do not panic when things go wrong, can integrate better with their classmates, and can deal realistically and rationally with the difficulties they encounter in life.
Children who lack a sense of security are characterized by mood swings, timidity, social avoidance, autism, isolation, and frustration.

What we need to do when dealing with our children is to always put helping them first.
Every parent should learn to be a competent parent.
A competent mother and father are one who first knows how to give security to their children because security is the cornerstone of their personality health.

However, in reality, some parents don't realize the importance of this and often unconsciously increase their children's insecurities.
It is the most basic parenting skill not to let children be disturbed, panic, and confused.
What can you give your child to grow into a person with a healthy personality?

In my opinion, give your child full love, and full security, and let them grow up with full love and enough security so that they can grow up to be emotionally normal and emotionally stable people. This is the most priceless asset in a child's life.
We may not be the best parents, but one thing is for sure, we are always trying to be "good parents".
We give our children encouragement and comfort when they are sad, upset, and insecure, hoping that they will be less afraid.
When children are not afraid, they are happy.
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