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Top 10 Tips for Parents to Educate Their Children-Woodmam

1. Let infants and toddlers sleep alone from an early age.  
2. children fall down, parents do not care, let him get up by himself.  
3. Parents ask their children several years old to do household chores, such as washing dishes, sweeping the floor, and doing laundry.  
4. Let the child pay attention to the national flag for two minutes when he sees it. When hearing the national anthem, press your hand to your heart and sing the anthem silently in your heart.  

5. Even if the family is well-off, encourage your child to work to earn money and let him or her pay for insurance or part of his or her study expenses and other expenses.  
6. Young children do not have the habit of taking naps.  
7. Adults encourage children to do dangerous sports such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, and jumping into the sea, and children are happy to participate in these adventurous activities.  
8. The vast majority of children over the age of 18 earn their own money for school. Some earn enough money to go to school, while others look for a job while studying, or reading and stop to get a Ph.D. in a decade or so. The children think that it is disgraceful to grow up and ask their parents for money and that they will be looked down upon and called incompetent.  
9. In the use of money, even those children from wealthy families are very "stingy" with themselves, and they are not "generous" with others. Whether together in the park or in the ballroom, or in the restaurant dining, all costs are "AA".  
10. Fathers generally do not give children the right to inherit property. Americans believe that letting children sit on their laurels is the worst thing in life, which will make children not have the opportunity to experience their own successes and failures, and true happiness from their own efforts. Entrepreneurs who feel that their children are unworthy and untalented would rather spend money to hire a talented manager to run their business.

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