Top 3 bad habits of children-Woodmam

Top 3 bad habits of children-Woodmam

1. Wishes are not met, you have to vent your emotions, and even hit people.

We went out with a few friends, one of the friends of the child 5 years old, just three days together, the boy's hot temper, so that everyone is broken!

Watching TV, he said he wanted to watch the children's channel, his mother only slowed down a second, he actually grabbed the remote control desperately to the TV, while also shouting and screaming.

At dinner, he drank a lot of drinks and his mother said not to drink too much, but he actually slapped his mother on the head and cried out in a justifiable manner.

Friends playing poker together, he wanted to play, so he gave him and Xiaoxiao a separate pair, but he did not appreciate it, had to play the adults, in a fit of rage turned the whole table over ......

Other people's children, I will not interfere. The only thing I do is to remind the parents of the child: must help the child correct vices as soon as possible.

If you want the world to revolve around him alone, and get furious when the slightest wish is not fulfilled, then you will surely bump your head when you grow up in a society in the future! When he encounters rejection, encounters a failure, encounters frustration, will not have a good mind, to face the problem, much less solve the problem rationally.

Let children learn to wait, learn to consider the feelings of others, and learn to control their emotions.

2. Do things without beginning but not ending.

A friend's child is 8 years old and in elementary school, I took Xiaoxiao to his house to play. He first took out a pile of puzzles, and Xiaoxiao together, when Xiaoxiao was still immersed in it, he suddenly ran away, rushed to the room, and took out an Ultraman transformation toy.

Xiaoxiao looked up and down again, still focused on the unfinished job at hand.

The little brother grunted and gestured twice, then turned around and rummaged through the drawer, took out a disk, and said to Xiaoxiao, "Brother, let's watch Wolffy, shall we?" Smiley said very calmly, "Don't be duplicitous." It made the brother's mother's jaw drop.

Yes, when Xiaoxiao was 2 years old, I told him in life that he should not be double-minded in doing things. A friend was troubled and said her son had always been like that, three minutes hot, impatient, and unable to persevere.

Now that he's in school, his teachers have criticized him for not being able to focus, always looking around, and doing his homework at home, but also very dilly-dallying, originally half an hour to complete the matter, he was east a hammer and west a stick, a moment to watch TV and a moment to shoot a gun can actually toss two hours.

If you do things from childhood from beginning to end, it may be difficult to grow up to become a weapon, not necessarily to do something amazing and great, even if the completion of the smallest things, but also need a serious commitment and persistent attitude.

Moreover, the inability to focus means that work and life are not efficient, double-minded, and snake-headed, but also makes people feel a lack of responsibility.

I told my friend not to rush, her son has obviously developed a "habit", and the most important thing is to help the child correct the vice, although it is difficult to change, it is not too late.

3. Dependence, do not like to think when the problem is looking for mom.

She said that her child's independence is very poor and she is especially dependent on her mother, not only for self-care skills such as dressing and eating but also for other aspects of life, for example, when she can't open the colored pencil box when drawing, she won't figure it out by herself, she just looks for her mother.

If you have a conflict with a child on the slide, you will not face it by yourself, you will cry and ask your mother; if you watch a cartoon, you will not think about the answer by yourself, you will ask your mother ......

Independence is a good habit for a person; a love of thinking is a good quality for a person. People who are used to relying on others are often more psychologically fragile and cannot withstand the storm.

We love our children, we must be willing to let go and let them go on their own. How many years can we have our children? There is an attachment for separation!

A few suggestions: in daily life, parents should not be too vicarious and too protective; when communicating, ask your child more questions, questions to stimulate her thinking skills; encourage your child to use her own brain to accomplish things, and don't forget to give a little inspiration at the right time; let your child have a sense of accomplishment and help her build self-confidence.
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