What to do if your child doesn't like to eat-Woodmam

What to do if your child doesn't like to eat-Woodmam

Is it the child's problem or the adult's problem if the child does not like to eat? What should I do if my child always leaves a big part of his meal and is a picky eater? Try to let go of the child

Many parents may be confused: if you don't let your child eat, he or she won't eat even more if you don't let him or her go? The answer is no. Forcing children to eat is the worst way for children.

Parents can let go of it when a child says he doesn't want to eat. When the child feels hungry, he or she will ask to eat, and occasionally hunger will not cause too much harm to the body.

1. Set a fixed time to eat

Agree on a regular mealtime with your child. If your child says he or she is hungry during non-meal times, don't add meals for him or her at will. Let your child develop the concept of mealtime and understand how much he or she has to eat before the next mealtime.

At the same time, don't let your child eat snacks an hour or two before dinner, and don't overdo the snacks between meals, because if your child is full from snacks, he or she will also be resistant to regular meals.

2. Make dishes that are attractive to children

In the premise of ensuring balanced nutrition, the family often innovates dishes; meals are delicious and interesting, not afraid children do not like to eat.

3. Develop good eating habits

Many children will eat while multi-tasking: watching TV while eating, playing with toys while eating ...... In this case, children are not only more likely to have leftovers but also affect the digestion of food and nutrient absorption.

Before eating, turn off the TV and let your child help set the dishes. When eating, parents should lead by example and concentrate on eating, not playing with cell phones or watching TV, and develop good eating habits together with their children.

4. Increase outdoor activities

Many times children say they are not hungry and don't want to eat, but that may not be an excuse. Staying in the house after eating and reading a book or playing with toys consumes less, so naturally, they are less likely to be hungry. More exercise is not only good for your child's body, it also boosts metabolism and increases your child's appetite.

If there are conditions, parents can also take their children to the nearby countryside, together with participation in farming work. Farming is not only a kind of labor but also allows children to experience the hard work of growing food and cherish it more.
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