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Whether parents must control their emotions in the face of their children-Woodmam

Psychologists say: that parents do these things, and children grow up to be super high emotional intelligence.

Do not praise your child excessively

Appropriate encouragement can increase a child's self-confidence and enable him to express himself courageously. The actual fact is that you can be a lot more than just a little bit of a person.

It is not known that there are people outside of the world. Praise is necessary, but not too exaggerated. Some parents are like this, praising their children as if they are the best in the world and no one can compare to them. In fact, this is the "praise" of the child.

Only let children recognize their own strengths, but also be able to notice the strengths of others, rather than just think that no one is better than themselves, self-centered. This will enable children to learn to complement their strengths and improve themselves. Appropriate praise is the best catalyst for your child's growth.

Don't interfere too much with your child

Nowadays, many parents think that their children do not have any judgment and do not know anything, so they do everything for them. This is very bad. This will result in the child not having his or her own autonomy, and over time will also become uninformed and go with the flow.

The child has his own ideas, such as what to wear today, whether to go out, etc. These are small things that the child can decide for himself. These small things can also slowly cultivate the child's sense of autonomy so that he has his own views on a matter, their own ideas, rather than listening to what they want to do, the clouds.

Do not lose your temper

It is difficult to control one's emotions, and it is even more difficult not to lose one's temper and anger others. We all may have emotional outbursts at times, and it's hard to control a temper when it comes up. And not randomly losing your temper with others is a sign of a person's high emotional intelligence.

Children have no control over their emotions at all, and their tempers come and go. So parents should pay more attention to this point, from childhood education children do not lose their temper, know how to relieve themselves, and have patience. Any successful person is a master of managing emotions. The child can do this, is the performance of high emotional intelligence.
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