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How is the market for wooden toy makers?-Woodmam

Honestly, it's pretty saturated - there are a LOT of great wooden toy makers but if you are thinking about getting into it, definitely do your research. For wooden toys made in the USA, my favorite is Uncle Goose - they specialize in blocks. Beka is a company based in Vermont that makes games, easels, wagons, and other larger pieces for older kids. High end and eco friendly is a wooden toy maker called Tegu that makes beautiful wooden blocks that connect to each other via magnets. They are out of Honduras and employ sustainable practices and provide good wages to their employees. There are also some wonderful wooden toy companies in Thailand that use safe woods and dyes, in particular a company called Plan is one of the best. There are literally hundreds more but these are the ones I think of as top quality, eco friendly, that offer something distinctive.

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