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How to choose a remarkable educational toy-Woodmam

Children’s learning process is closely related to playing. Children are ready to absorb information and perceive the world mostly in a tactile way. So, it is high time to offer them toys that are aimed at not only entertainment but also at learning and development. Such toys are called educational toys. They are designed to develop fine motor skills, attention, memory and sound perception.

Learning toys are in great demand nowadays. Therefore, manufacturers are constantly working to create something new, interesting and useful. Supernatural Store will help you to find the best educational toys for your children.

Characteristics to be considered when choosing a toy

Child’s age. The toy should be appropriate for the baby’s age and developmental characteristics. For example, toys that develop concentration are suitable for children in the first months of their life. It is useful for a child over six months to develop fine motor skills, the skill of crawling and recognizing the basics of cause and effect relations. When the baby begins to master speech, games that stimulate the development of imaginative thinking, logic and fine motor skills will be the right choice.

Type and purpose. The goals of these toys are the development of fine motor skills, attention and imagination. Games form the skills of self-service, speech, an ear for music, creative thinking and accuracy. It is optimal if the chosen toy combines two or three functions.

Material. Wooden or cloth toys are the best options for babies. If a child suffers from some allergic reactions, the item must be made from hypoallergenic materials. A high-quality product should not have a strong chemical smell.

Design. The toy should be safe for kids. So, developmental baby toys should not have sharp corners, small parts and other elements that can be dangerous for children.

Ease of operation. These things are designed to be used by a child, so they should be simple in terms of design. The kid should be able to play with it without the assistance of adults.

Melody reproduction. This parameter matters when the toy is positioned as musical or interactive. The sound it makes should have an adjustable volume. Melodies should not be too harsh and loud, otherwise, the baby may get scared. The music launch buttons should be pressed without efforts.

Main types of educational toys

Depending on your goals, learning toys can be divided into several types:

  1. For the development of creative thinking and the study of colours. You can choose numerous construction building blocks, plasticine, kinetic sand, as well as various sets for every taste and budget.
  2. For the development of logic. Labyrinths and special gadgets are great for older children. If the child is still an infant, you can purchase rattles with different fillings.
  3. For the development of fine motor skills. Creative sets are suitable for children from two years old; buttons, ropes and pyramids are also great for such purposes.
  4. For kindergarten or school preparation. All kinds of development toys with letters and numbers fall in this category: puzzles, abacus, blocksMontessori toys and board games. They are designed for children of primary school age.
  5. Wooden toys. Wooden toys have recently become popular again. Usually, these toys are empty inside, have a smooth surface and are brightly coloured. Some psychologists say that wooden toys can soothe emotional babies.
  6. Inducing a reaction. This group includes interactive toys that can move, speak and generate sounds. Sometimes these toys have funny faces on them. These toys create a positive mood and calm the child down.
  7. Soft toys are more suitable for babies and toddlers. Such toys should be bright. Often soft plush toys are combined with rattles. Playing with such toys, the child gets to know the world by learning sounds, colours and shapes.

The education of a small child should be carried out in a playful way; there are even logic games created especially for preschoolers. You can often see games based on famous cartoons, which makes the game process even more exciting. Supernatural Store offers the widest variety of the best educational toys: blockspuzzlesdroneselectrical circuitsroboticsbaby toys and Montessori toys. If you are looking for books or crafts products, they are also presented in our online store. Here you can choose proper educational toys for kids of any age and be sure that you are helping your baby to develop successfully!

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