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Importance of Touch and Feel in Child Development-Woodmam

The sense of touch is the first important lesson a child learns that too at a very young age. This is one of the most important ways in which they learn to bond with their parents. Babies find the human touch to be comforting and soothing. And that is why babies stop crying or become happy when they are cuddled with soft and smooth toys just like the Toy castle's Emotion Toy Octopus For Kids

Soft toys act as comforters at a young age. Based on the comfort, kids start to form an attachment to various toys and whenever he/she is in distress or is wanting to rest they seek help by cuddling these toys of theirs. 

One another advantage of introducing plush toys at a young age is that kids learn to recognize various shapes and textures. Always buy toys with different textures so that you can specifically point out to each toy and make them understand the difference between soft, rough and coarse etc. 

Positive touch if it is in the form of hugs and caresses by loved ones or cuddles by a soft toy is important for the total development of any child. Some of the benefits that they get when influenced by positive touch are a strengthened immune system, reduced stress and anxiety and increased circulation. All these are going to affect the kids positively. Plush toys are one of the best Toddler Toys. 

Some of the things that you can do as parents to stimulate your child sense of touch give them hugs constantly, limit screen time and encourage spending time with real friends or siblings, keep a specific time to cuddle like when tucking your child to bed and also remembering to pat them or caress them whenever wherever possible. 

Sense of touch is very important. It is a small lesson that children learn today to make them compatible with the society in future and also to increase their ability to generate empathy and love towards fellow beings. Emotion Toys For Toddlers from Toy Castle will be of great help for the sensory development of your child. Buy our premium quality toys in the UK and help your child grow.  

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