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The ONE Thing Kids Need Most From Their Toys-Woodmam

1. Different toys can develop the ability of different senses of children. Used to train the child's sense of sight, hearing and touch, to enhance the ability of each of their senses.

2. Children are in a period of high physical and mental development, toys can help mobilize children's activity, which is very beneficial to their physical and mental development. Toys can promote the child to produce pleasant emotions, and will not be bored with some repetitive actions, so that children do not know how to move.

3. Toys are the best training tools to help coordinate the child's physical skills. Hand-eye coordination, hand-foot coordination and other skills are all developed by children in the process of manipulating tools. Toys are very beneficial to children's coordination and physical development.

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4. Toys can develop the child's cognitive ability. Now many parents, due to many concerns, can not provide too many opportunities for children to contact nature, cognitive things, then some suitable toys can play some alternative role. Some toy models, and now some toys made with AR technology, can be a good way to promote the child to strengthen the cognition of things.

5. Like some puzzle-type toys, you can guide the child's association, to develop the child's imagination; and like the Rubik's cube and other toys, but also to develop the child's logical thinking skills. These toys give the child more opportunities to think, give the child more challenges. Let the child both hands and brain, playable.

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