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Why do parents like buying wooden toys?-Woodmam

Early childhood, ages from one to five is considered to be the most sensitive and developmental period not only in a child's life but an individual's life. Parents prefer buying wooden toys because :

  1. Plastic vs wood : safety of toy- In comparison to wooden toys, plastic toys can break easily leaving sharpened ends that can harm a child. Wooden toys are more durable and safer in general and can be a good option if a parent is concerned about the safety of their child.
  2. Long lasting : Life of the toy- Wood being a strong and volatile material, it has the potential to live long life and be passed on to younger siblings.
  3. Educational purposes- Most of the wooden toys are educational and can aid children in developing fine motor skills, puzzles, building blocks. They can develop new games and outcomes which encourages interaction and role play. Wooden toys are plain which boosts them to open ended play leading to developing cognitive skills.
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