Combining All 5 “S’s” into a Recipe for Baby Bliss - Woodmam

Combining All 5 “S’s” into a Recipe for Baby Bliss - Woodmam

On a plane from New York to Los Angeles, I watched an elderly woman calm a baby with such precise, elegant moves that I imagined I was witnessing an ancient ballet.

In mid-flight, this infant suddenly erupted into crying. After a few piercing wails, the frail grandmother picked up her frantic traveling companion and began a symphony of responses. She nestled the little girl’s stomach against her shoulder, made a continuous shhhh sound in the baby’s ear, rhythmically thumped her bottom, and swayed her torso side to side like a snake working its way uphill.

In less than a minute her tiny bundle was sound asleep.

It’s tempting to believe that someone who’s good at calming babies has “the gift,” but that’s not the case. Soothing young infants has nothing to do with special talents. It has everything to do with understanding why babies cry and learning and practicing the skills to soothe them.

Most parents automatically rock and embrace their crying babies, but sometimes that’s not enough. The Cuddle Cure combines all 5 “S’s” into a technique so powerful it turns on the calming reflex in even the fussiest babies.

Mothers in many cultures around the world use variations of the Cuddle. In Tanzania, some women soothe crying babies by cuddling them while they pretend to grind corn! They vigorously bend and straighten and hum rough, grinding noises until the baby settles.

If the Cuddle is like an ancient cake recipe, with the ingredients being the 5 “S’s,” most baby books are unfortunately like incomplete cookbooks. They list the 5 “S’s” but don’t mention exactly how to do them or how to mix them together.

Without instructions on how to mix the ingredients for a cake, you’re more likely to end up with warm goop than a wonderful dessert. And, without instructions detailing how to do each “S” and how to mix them together, it’s easy for parents to end up with a more fussy baby rather than a perfectly calmed one!

And, once the Cuddle has helped you stop your baby’s screams, that’s not the end of it. The Cuddle is also a valuable tool for keeping your baby calm after you soothe his crying.

After your little one falls asleep in your arms, you may not be able to put him down and walk away. He may be very relaxed, but he’s not in a coma. Deep within their brains, snoozing babies are still aware of the world around them. That’s why abruptly stopping the hypnotic rhythms of the Cuddle may make a baby explode back into tears even from what appears to be a sound sleep.

Fortunately, the Cuddle is perfect for keeping your baby calm after you’ve quelled his cries. Your colicky baby may stay happy for hours as long as he feels like he’s still safely packaged in the womb (swaddled, swinging, and with loud white noise playing close by). If your baby suddenly starts thrashing again, simply picking up the tempo should help regain his attention so you can lead him back to serenity.
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