Parenting Crying Babies in the 21st Century - Woodmam

Parenting Crying Babies in the 21st Century - Woodmam

I hope you are beginning to get excited that there are fast and effective ways of soothing your baby when she gets fussy! My goal is to teach you the tricks that the best parents around the world have used for centuries.

The first part of the book will answer the questions:

Why do babies cry?

What is colic and how can you tell if your baby has it?

Why are gas pains, anxiety, immaturity, and temperament rarely the causes of colic?

What is the missing fourth trimester and why is it the true cause of colic?

The second part of the book will discuss:

The calming reflex and how to trigger it by imitating the uterus

The 5 “S’s” and why they must be done vigorously to be effective

Exact instructions to help you become an expert at swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging, and sucking

The Cuddle Cure and how you can work wonders by doing all 5 “S’s” together

Other techniques that can help you soothe your fussy baby

Tricks and tips to get your baby to sleep more at night

Medical problems that can mimic colic

Once you understand your baby’s need for a fourth trimester, the 5 “S’s,” and the Cuddle, you will be able to prevent countless hours of screaming. It is my sincere hope that once this knowledge is shared, colic will be found only in dictionaries.

You have been blessed with one of the most amazing experiences a person can ever have—the birth of a baby. It’s an exciting ride, so strap yourself in … and enjoy. Please don’t worry when your baby cries. Consider it an opportunity to perfect your new parenting skills as you learn how to turn your fussy infant into the happiest baby on the block!
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