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Children's opinion is more important than intelligence-Woodmam

The ability to think independently is one of the qualities necessary for outstanding talents. To let children learn to think independently, they must be given the right to make decisions and do things independently.

【Parent-child scene】

Case 1:

Wang Zhuo and Wang Ya are sisters who often do homework together. Wang Ya's mathematics is very difficult. Sometimes she does her math homework very late. Her sister Wang Zhuo wants to help her, but Wang Ya is always reluctant. Many times, Wang Zhuo has gone to bed, and Wang Ya is still lying on the table doing homework.

One day, Wang Zhuo woke up and found that Wang Ya was still doing his homework. She asked what Wang Ya was doing? Wang Ya said that there was a math problem that could not be solved. Wang Zhuo asked Wang Ya to show her the problem and said she could help her solve it, but Wang Ya refused and said, "No, I'll think about it myself."

Wang Zhuo got up, wrote the answer to the question on the table, and went to sleep again. But Wang Ya didn't look at the answer, but thought seriously. When she was tired, she got up and walked, and then continued to sit at the table and work on the problem.

The next day, Wang Ya got "excellent" in math homework. Wang Zhuo knew that this was the result of his sister's independent thinking.

Case 2:

Mingming is in the first grade this year. His father is on business trips all the year round, and his mother takes good care of Mingming. He does not let Mingming do anything at home. Even if he has different wishes, he often gets no support from his mother. Over time, he only knows to obey. Mother's command, once there is a problem that is difficult to decide or solve, he will "call for help" to his mother.

If the mother pays more attention to her education method, her shortcomings of lack of opinion and thinking will be overcome. But the mother understands the child's behavior as trust in herself.

It was after 8 o'clock that night and the child hadn't come home yet. The mother went out to look for the child in a hurry. When she walked to the school gate, she saw Mingming was standing there, but the inside of the school was already dark. Only after inquiries did he find out that Mingming's classmates asked him to wait here, saying that he was going to buy food for Mingming, so he obediently waited for them there.

The mother immediately realized that the child was being tricked by others. She recognized the seriousness of the problem and decided to gradually cultivate children's independent thinking ability in the future.

【Expert Analysis】

The level of children's thinking is mainly reflected in their thinking ability. Children who can think independently are rigorous and scientific when thinking about problems, have clear ideas, and draw conclusions that are well-documented and logical.

A child is very smart or has a high IQ, it only means that he has the potential to create, but it does not mean that he is very good at thinking. Di Bono, a professor at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, likens the relationship between intelligence and thinking to the relationship between a car and a driver's technology. A driver may have a good car, but not skilled enough to make a good car work as it should. Conversely, the driver may not drive a good car, but he has high driving skills and can drive the car well.

A child with strong thinking ability must be someone who can think independently. They always have a quick and flexible response to problems and can solve them better. The purpose of children's learning is to learn to think independently and deal with problems correctly in the process of mastering knowledge. However, many parents only pay attention to the mastery of knowledge and ignore the cultivation of children's independent thinking ability, which eventually leads to "high scores and low energy". abnormal phenomenon.

Children's thinking ability is mainly divided into image thinking and abstract thinking. Image thinking relies on the specific image of things, relies on scenes, pictures and other perceptible representations, and understands the essence of things through the understanding of these images. Abstract thinking uses abstract concepts and judgments as the basic elements of thinking to reveal the essential characteristics and regularity of things.

The story of Cao Chong's claim to elephants illustrates the importance of innovative thinking. Sun Quan of Wu State gave Cao Cao an elephant. The ministers thought of a lot of weighing methods, but none of them worked. At this time, Cao Chong stood up and said that he had a way. He ordered the elephant to be led to the boat, and when the boat was stable, a mark was made on the side of the boat at the level of the water, and then the elephant was led to the shore, and stones were placed on the boat until the boat reached the original mark. , Cao Chong told people to stop loading the stone and weigh the stone, so as to know the weight of the elephant.

Napoleon said: "Thinking will change a person's destiny." This is the truth. Those who have the ability to think independently will have the ability to innovate, and then better control life. Children who can think independently often have their own opinions, do not follow the trend, do not follow others' opinions, and have their own personality and self-confidence. This is also the quality that children should have in the learning process. Children can think independently and encounter difficult problems. There will be no direct answers from parents.

Parents should realize the importance of independent thinking ability for children, and consciously cultivate the good habit of independent thinking in children.

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