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Do you make your kids whimsical?-Woodmam

Rich imagination is the foundation and guarantee for the development of children's creativity. In normal life, parents should give their children space for free imagination, encourage their children to be imaginative, and protect their precious imagination.

【Parent-child scene】

Case 1:

In the evening, I told my mother that I wanted my mother to go to the balcony with her to watch the moon. Her mother took her to the balcony and excitedly said to her, "Mom, today's moon is so beautiful, like a bright light bulb." It was the first time that my mother heard someone describe the moon as a light bulb, and she couldn't help laughing.

He could hear the sarcasm in his laughter, and felt that he had said something stupid. Seeing the child's expression, the mother realized that she had misunderstood the child, and immediately apologized to the child, saying to the child, "How beautiful the moon is, your description is very appropriate." ', the child's imagination will be hurt.

Another day, I took my mother to the balcony to look at the moon. The moon was a crescent moon. I excitedly said to my mother, "Mom, today's moon is like a banana." The mother smiled and praised the child's idea. , enthusiastically affirms the child's imagination.

Case 2:

As soon as he got up in the morning, Xiaogang ran to his father and said that he had a dream. At that time, Dad was cleaning the leather shoes that he was going to wear to work. He didn't have much time to talk to him, so he stopped the child from talking and told him to wash up quickly.

At the dinner table, Xiaogang talked to his mother about the dream he had at night. He said that he dreamed that he had grown two wings and flew into the sky. He said that he was dancing, and his mother smiled and said, "Silly child, how can people be? There will be wings."

Dad echoed his mother beside him, educating the children to use their minds in learning, not to think wildly all day long, and sarcastically said that if they put all their minds into learning, their grades would have improved a long time ago.

【Expert Analysis】

Imagination refers to the ability to create new images through the combination of the brain on the basis of reality perception. Many parents admire the imagination of inventors and scientists. In fact, every child has a huge imagination, but it is often ignored by parents.

Psychologists say that imagination is the wing of wisdom in life, it can enable children to break out of the narrow living space, understand a wider world, transcend the limitations of time and space, and also enrich their experience and increase their knowledge.

Imagination is a creative ability and a powerful intellectual power that children should have. Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, but imagination promotes the progress of knowledge and is the source of knowledge evolution.

The average person only uses 50% of the phenomenon functional area, which shows that there is a great potential for developing imagination. When children are at their most imaginative, although they lack some professional knowledge, it may be precisely because children do not have a fixed way of thinking that they can be imaginative and stimulate children's rich innovation ability.

Children's self-awareness is poor, their understanding of things has not yet been finalized, and they show a "pan-spiritual" way of thinking, which provides children with sufficient free imagination space. But many parents criticize their children for being whimsical and attack their imaginations, which is wrong. Children do not have enough knowledge and experience, and generally do not have fixed answers and thinking patterns for questions, which provides a broader space for their imagination.

Many inventions and creations in life start from the initial imagination. In normal life, parents should give their children enough space to let their children's imagination fly. Even if the children put forward unrealistic ideas, they should also give them appropriate encouragement, so as to protect the children's imagination and stimulate their intelligence. .

Early childhood is the period when children's imagination is most abundant. The imagination formed by children before school age is the basis for their innovative thinking throughout their lives. Therefore, parents should protect and guide their children's imagination.
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