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Good learning ability allows children to make continuous progress-Woodmam

Children with good learning ability and learning awareness will receive all kinds of information anytime, anywhere, better improve and enrich themselves, and make continuous progress. Parents should not only tell their children the conclusions, but also teach children how to use existing resources to draw their own conclusions and experience the joy of learning knowledge.

【Parent-child scene】

Case 1:

When I was in the second grade of Korean, I often asked my mother how to read with unfamiliar words. My mother felt that if the child was always like this, he would not be able to learn by himself, so he bought her a copy of "Xinhua Dictionary", and when he asked his mother in Korean again , Mother said to her seriously: "If you come across a word or word that you haven't learned in the future, look it up in this dictionary first. If you can't find it, ask your mother again, so that you will learn to learn."

Afterwards, the mother opened the dictionary and taught the child the correct way to use it. In Korean, according to my mother's introduction, I searched for words I didn't know by myself, which not only solved the difficult words and difficult words, but also felt that my knowledge had become much richer. She can now look up the dictionary entirely on her own.

With the help of the dictionary, she read a lot of books in Korean, not only increased her knowledge, but also learned to study. Her grades are also very good. Everyone calls her "Little Doctor". Korean was also selected as a member of the study committee recently.

Case 2:

Wang Yong is 10 years old this year. He is very smart, but he doesn't like to read and study. He has to complete his homework under the supervision of his mother. When his mother was not at home, he never took the initiative to do homework, let alone review and preview, and his grades were not very good.

This day, when he came home from school, he saw that his father was playing computer games as usual. He walked gently to his side and saw that his father was fighting with the enemy inside with a weapon. Foreign aid", telling Dad how to play.

When mother saw the scene of father and son playing games, her brows could not help frowning. For this reason, she did not know how many times she had persuaded her father, but he did not know how to lead by example and was addicted to the game all day long. Under the influence of his father, Wang Yong also became addicted to playing games. No matter how the mother educated him, he would not listen, and there was no good way for the mother to let the child learn consciously.

Wang Yong sat in front of the computer after school, resulting in a decline in his eyesight and academic performance. Mom has a headache.

【Expert Analysis】

Learning ability refers to the ability of children to acquire knowledge and solve problems by themselves when they master basic tools and ways of thinking. Paul Langeran, Director of Education of UNESCO, said: "The illiterate of the future will no longer be those who cannot read, but those who have not learned how to learn." This shows the importance of learning ability. Children have strong learning ability, and learning will become their inner needs, with the characteristics of automation and stability. Therefore, parents should make children aware of the importance of learning ability and learn to learn consciously.

Parents always try their best to make their children study well. In fact, it is not difficult for children to learn to learn. As long as they can find the right method, their learning ability will be improved, and their academic performance will also increase.

Knowledge is the crystallization of human knowledge and the spiritual wealth created by human beings. If children want to acquire rich knowledge and meet the needs of social development, they need to keep learning. This requires children not only to study hard in school, but also to collect Bona and absorb all kinds of knowledge outside of class. At this time, learning ability is more necessary for children.

The level of learning ability directly determines the level of children's grades. Children with strong learning ability have significantly better academic performance than children with weak learning ability. If the child's learning ability is poor, or there is a learning disability, it is difficult to achieve good grades.

In the normal learning process of children, many parents blindly require their children to master knowledge, while ignoring the cultivation of children's learning ability. When children face difficulties and lack the correct solutions, they will feel that learning is full of pressure and trouble, and thus lose interest and confidence in learning.

It is the wish of every parent to hope that their children will become dragons and their daughters will become phoenixes, but "it is better to teach them to fish than to teach them to fish". In children's learning, "fishing" refers to the method of learning and the ability to learn. Parents should, on the basis of fully understanding their children, find a learning method that is suitable for their children, and gradually cultivate their children's learning ability.
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