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Reading helps children open the door to wisdom

Books are a treasure trove of human wisdom, and reading is the only way to possess it. Help children develop good reading habits, increase their knowledge, and open the door to wisdom.

【Parent-child scene】

Case 1:

Chairman Mao was forced to drop out of school at the age of 14, but he did not give up studying because of this. Every day when he went to work in the field, he would quietly bring a book with him and make time to read whenever he had the chance. When he grows up, even in a busy city, he can calm down and read books. In the bedroom of his former residence, books are everywhere on the bookshelf, desk, dining table, and coffee table. Except for the lying position on the bed, all books are occupied.

Chairman Mao has always opposed the method of reading that only seeks to be quick but not effective. When he was reading Han Yu's complete works of poetry and prose, except for a few chapters, he carefully pondered and studied them carefully, from vocabulary, sentence reading, chapters to the meaning of the full text, and he did not miss any aspect. Through repeated recitation and chant, he can recite most of Han Yu's poems fluently.

"Journey to the West", "A Dream of Red Mansions", "Water Margin", "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and other novels, he read them when he was in elementary school, and read them again in the 1960s. There are more than ten versions of "A Dream of Red Mansions" that he has read, one "Selected Works of Zhaoming", which he read when he was in school, read it in the 1950s, read it in the 1960s, and read it several times in the 1970s.

At the same time, every time Chairman Mao read a book, he marked it with various symbols and wrote a lot of comments. Chairman Mao's good reading habits are worth learning by each of us.

Case 2:

Minmin came home with the paper for the latest Chinese test. Her mother looked at her answer sheet and found that she answered the objective questions well, but the reading questions were poorly scored, resulting in an unsatisfactory result in the whole test paper.

My mother analyzed the reasons for her loss of points and asked her to strengthen her reading ability training. If she still does this next time, she will be punished. Minmin listened to her mother's words and felt very confused, because her mother just criticized her and didn't teach her the correct way to read.

Mom stepped up her supervision of Minmin. She increased the number of Minmin's reading questions. Every time Minmin was doing her homework, she would stand by her side. When she encountered problems that the child could not solve, she would tell the child the answer, but did not explain to the child how to think. .

In the next exam, the mother thought that the child's reading questions would improve this time, but this was not the case. Because Minmin didn't learn how to read or master the skills, the exam was still a mess.

【Expert Analysis】

Nowadays, many children are obsessed with TV and the Internet and lack interest in reading, which is a bad phenomenon. Children don't like to read or can't read, they can't have extensive knowledge, and they can't have deep thoughts. Therefore, parents should let their children know the importance of reading.

Mr. Lu Xun said: "If you don't have a hobby of reading, you can't do as much as you can. If you don't read a lot of books first, you will be at a loss or lose your preference. Wide and deep, and knowledgeable and then refined." The common characteristics are that the politician Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms period, the great poet Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty, Darwin, Marx, and Mao Zedong, the founders of the theory of evolution, were all knowledgeable and well-read. They all gained their knowledge from a large number of books.

In order to write "Das Kapital", revolutionary mentor Marx read a large number of books, about 1,400 kinds, and quoted the viewpoints of dozens of disciplines and hundreds of scholars. Through extensive and in-depth reading, his mind is like an inexhaustible treasure trove of knowledge, not only has milestone achievements in philosophy, but also has profound attainments in literature, and many famous sayings and aphorisms are readily available.

Reading is important for everyone. With the continuous progress of society, if children only limit themselves to the narrow reading range of school textbooks, they will not have a broad vision, and it will be difficult to make outstanding achievements. Through extensive reading, children will innovate on the original basis and gain new understanding and perception of knowledge.

Many parents criticize their children: "Why can't you grasp the key points when reading books?", "Why do you lose your impressions soon after reading?", "Why do you read a lot of books, but you can't use them at critical moments?" In fact, reading is the learning of indirect experience, and it takes certain skills to make them useful to children.

Du Fu said: "Reading is broken through ten thousand volumes, and writing is like a spirit"; Confucius said: "Secretary micro-text, everything is uncertain"; Wang Anshi said: "The world has not seen it for a long time. Just reading the scriptures is not enough to know the scriptures. Therefore, a certain From the books of the masters of hundreds of schools, as for the novels such as "Nanjing", "Su Wen", and "Materia Medica", I read everything, and farmers and female workers asked about everything."

These ancient reading methods still have profound educational significance today. The process of reading itself is a process of accumulating knowledge. In the information age, there are so many books, parents can let their children choose to read on the basis of their own interests, or they can help their children choose some good books to read to increase their knowledge and enrich their minds and wisdom.
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