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7 Types of Toys for Children Aged 3-6 Years-Woodmam

1. Ball and cart category
This type of toys, so that children play toys, a variety of sports, such as running, jumping, climbing, walking, climbing, etc., can not only promote the development of the child's body but also improve the coordination of the child's body movement.

2. Blocks, play-doh category
There is no fixed way to play, as long as the child wants to play, how can play. Take blocks to build different buildings, and take play-doh to do different crafts. Play more of these toys, and help exercise children's finger fine motor and hand-eye coordination.

3. Picture books, story books, and other language toys
Children of this age, read more appropriate story books, to improve the child's language skills more helpful. Parent-child reading improves the child's ability to express themselves at the same time, but also gives the child a little more company, to enhance the parent-child relationship.

4. Puzzles, tangrams, nine-link rings, and Rubik's cubes
Very good for developing children's thinking skills and imagination.

5. Musical toys
Some toys, including music boxes, whistles, and simple musical instruments, can improve the child's sense of auditory discrimination and musical rhythm. When children are at this age, they are also more interested in some toys that can make sounds.

6. Toys used to understand real life
Like some furniture toys, character toys, animal toys, and transportation toys, deepening the child's social awareness is very helpful. A group of small children playing together, prefer to play pretend home games, there are corresponding toys, that can promote interpersonal interaction between children so that children deepen their understanding of life.

7. Toys for emotional expression and venting
These toys allow children to play in the process of expressing and venting their various emotions, to achieve the purpose of relieving negative emotions, and teach children to regulate and control their emotions. Like the ball, not down, boxing bags are optional, the ball can let the child throw at will to vent, boxing bag can hit, not down will not fall, the characteristics of these toys to regulate children's emotions is very helpful.
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