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Benefits of choosing wooden toys-Woodmam

First, the advantages of the raw materials of wooden toys   

1, most of its raw materials come from natural, compared to other toys, less chemical substances, and participation, both green and environmentally friendly, carefully smelling also contains a faint fragrance of wood.
2, because of the diversity of wood, so the selection of wooden toys is also flexible and versatile, so the creation of a wide variety of wooden toys, and patterns have changed the monotony of the original, and the number of products is innumerable.
3, wooden toys not only look light, delicate, affordable, colorful, and easy to operate and loved by parents and children.
4, wooden toys thanks to the natural raw materials, cleaning and maintenance are very convenient.
5, there is a major feature, that is less harmful, especially for young children to play.

Second, the functional advantages of wooden toys   

The main function of wooden toys is to allow children to improve hand and foot coordination, hand-eye coordination, and other physical functions, which need training and gradually build up, toys are one of the best training tools. For example, children will be a box of blocks to build out graphics, in addition to the use of the mind, but also the hand function of cooperation. Therefore, toys for children's muscle activity, and the development of physical functions, there are great benefits.
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