How many toys a child should have-Woodmam

How many toys a child should have-Woodmam

Should you buy your child a lot of toys and let them play with them in a free combination? Or should we buy a few toys for our children and let them play with them in endless ways from a few simple toys?

Such a choice, there are parents who do not know which to choose! I believe most parents know that they can't give their children too many toys, but exactly how many? Some scholars at the University of Virginia proposed a number of 5.

Their reasoning is that with less than 5 toys, children may have low self-esteem; if more than 5, not only toys do not play adequately, but also limit the creativity of children. After their observation, where there is a large pile of toys at home, children play with the toys less frequently.

The famous Japanese writer Tetsuko Kuroyanagi's childhood school in the Ba Gakuen, Ba Gakuen is a special admission for disabled children with scrap carriages put together "school", where there do not seem to be any toys are bought, in the eyes of the children, where the toys are picked up from the garbage, and the number is not much, but the children there to play very Most of the children who had attended the school was particularly successful when they grew up.

So the number of toys is not proportional to a child's intelligence.

A friend who is engaged in early childhood teaching, when she was in college, her thinking skills in the class is one of the best, whether thinking ability or summarizing ability, are better than other students in the class, the second year of college also won the second prize in the city's handicraft competition. She said that her parents never bought any toys when she was a child, many toys are their own imitation of other people's toys with cardboard, wood, or plastic "do", sometimes a small stone or a small stick can make her toss half a day when she was a child indeed sometimes because they do not have toys and low self-esteem, but their own creative ability to win back enough self-confidence.

Can too many toys limit a child's ability to think?

"Too many toys distract your child's attention and make it easier for him or her to develop the bad habit of "three minutes to warm up". They may drop a toy before it is warm in their hands and then pick up another toy over and over again..... keeps repeating this. Children with this habit prefer to buy new toys, and it seems that it is not the toy they are playing with that makes them happy, but the moment they buy it.

Due to the excessive number of toys, children are also less likely to drill, disassemble, and toss new ways to play on a toy, because there are other toys in attracting their attention; on the contrary, if the number of toys is small, children are tired of playing and bored, and at the same time they can not get new toys, bored children will create new ways to play, which is the self-entertainment gene that humans themselves carry, as primitive people in boredom after eating and sleeping Create songs and dances, is the same reason. In this way, children's thinking skills are developed in tossing and turning. So, in children who like to toss and turn, intelligence tends to be higher; children who have fewer toys will be more focused.

So, would it be better to simply not buy toys for your child?

We have all experienced childhood, if the children's circle, all children do not have toys, we are "naked play group", children do not have toys is not an unfortunate thing; but if your children's circle, other children have toys, and your child does not, the child will inevitably inferiority, feeling inferior. So children in childhood have so many classic and durable toys or necessary. The so-called playful, not to say that play does not suck, but can play a new pattern, such as building blocks, etc.

Do not limit the child's gender toys

From the perspective of children's developmental potential, you should not limit your child's choice of toys at the beginning, for example, do not limit girls to play with Barbie dolls, Muppets, etc. Girls can also play with blocks, demolition toys, etc. because girls can also be scientists. The right approach should be to give children full exposure to try and then let them decide what they like to play with.

Finally, it is important to remind parents to play with their children often

Children may not be able to discover the fun of toys because they are not mature enough, so parents should play with them to guide them, the more complex the toys are. It also prevents children from being discouraged by the difficulty of the toy, and with parental involvement, children are more motivated.
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