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How to choose the blocks-Woodmam

0-1-year-old: brightly colored cloth blocks

Before 1-year-old children have not formed a real sense of space concept, that standard six-sided, have a certain texture, in line with the mechanics of the blocks, for them is not very meaningful, so it is best to choose fun blocks. Such cloth blocks, which are soft, have bright colors, and patterns such as animals or fruits, can allow children to perceive colors, recognize objects, develop the sense of touch, etc., and do not have to worry about hard blocks bruising children. Of course, if no such toys are prepared, dolls, stuffed animal toys, books, etc. can serve these purposes as well. Little ones like to put everything that comes to hand into their mouths, so whether it's wooden blocks or cloth blocks, they should be safe and non-toxic.

1-2 years old: lightweight blocks

Children over 1-year-old are developing spatial awareness and will start to yard high. Even without blocks, they like to pile everything into one piece and then have fun watching it fall down. If the blocks are painted? with decorative objects such as puppies, kittens, or small dolls' homes, children will enjoy playing with them even more. Since the child's body control and hand-eye coordination are not very good during this period, choose lightweight blocks to prevent the blocks from falling down and injuring the child. The blocks should not be too large for the child to grasp.

2-3 years old: standard size blocks

At the age of 2, children's spatial concepts, language, thinking, and imagination have developed, hand movements and hand-eye coordination have increased, and they can do slightly more complex things. At this time, you can choose standard blocks for him, such as two half circles exactly to form a square circle, two short blocks adding up to the length of a long block, etc. Such blocks can give your child more room for creativity and expression.
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