How to clean the toys-Woodmam

How to clean the toys-Woodmam

■ Plush toys need sunlight

General cleaning of plush toys, if the label can be machine washable plush toys the best way to clean is to use the special laundry detergent for babies and children to clean, and then cast clean with water, and then put in the sun. But for plush toys that can not be hand-washed, we have to spray them with a steam gun, and then dry them before popping. For plush toys that can be hand-washed, it is recommended to use baking soda to wash, because baking soda has a good sterilization effect. For the non-washable plush toys, especially the plush toys with batteries inside. The way to clean the smaller stuffed toys is to put them in a sealed plastic bag, such as a plastic bag, put a spoonful of edible baking soda in the bag, seal the bag and then flip it back and forth so that the baking soda in the bag is completely stuck to the toy, then remove the toy and use a hair dryer to blow off the baking soda on the toy. Larger plush toys can be directly sprinkled with baking soda on the toy with the same method can be blown off. Of course, the drying here is not the exposure, too long exposure to the plush toys will have some damage.

■ Plastic toys should be cleaned with disinfectant

Plastic toys are the most common toys, each family has a lot. For the cleanup of this toy, many parents are using hot water to scald a hot. However, the doll master advised you, in the toy label is not marked and can be hot water hot clean up the case do not rashly use hot water to clean. Otherwise, some of the chemicals emitted by children will have harm, these toys we can use disinfectant to water for soaking, or use a soft cloth with disinfectant to gently scrub.

 Wooden toys can not be exposed to the sun and can not be hot

Wooden toys are now also a very popular style. We can also use the following approach when cleaning wooden toys: first, use clean gauze or handkerchief dipped in 75% alcohol, 3% Lysol solution or 5% bleach solution, etc. wipe the toy, and then wipe it again with a dry cloth can be. Never put directly in the sun for exposure or heating on the dry, otherwise, the wooden material is very easy to deformation burst due to high temperature, there are certain safety risks for children.

■ Paper books outdoor sunshine

Now, picture books are also early education of children's magic weapon, many parents said never clean books, in fact, for these paper books we just need to use the sun between 9:00 and 14:00 to dry to destroy some of the bacteria, parents can also use ultraviolet light to disinfect the books.
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