Pros and cons of wooden toys-Woodmam

Pros and cons of wooden toys-Woodmam

Advantages of wooden toys.

1, With the general improvement of people's material living standards in modern society, and technological progress, the market is also well-made wooden toys. Wood by high-temperature carbonization treatment, the purpose is to prevent insects and mold, not cracked, not deformed, smooth surface, easy to clean, no burr sense, no diamond corner. Wooden toys such design purposes are new care for baby's delicate skin concept.

2, Wooden toys with a smooth surface, using high-quality water-based varnish, compared to the early years of traditional paint, so that babies play safer, healthier, environmentally friendly, odorless, a new concept of care for baby health. Toy color in strict accordance with international standards color card, in line with children's visual light sensitivity.

3, Modern wooden toys surface cartoons, patterns, etc. are using advanced thermal transfer technology once formed, safer and more environmentally friendly, more beautiful color. (Heat transfer pattern wooden toys will leave a slight heat scorching smell, which is a normal phenomenon, there is no harm.)

4, Wooden toy categories, most can only do static models, all kinds of jigsaw puzzles, puzzle board, multi-functional shape intelligence box, digital shape blocks, digital shape early learning cognition, simulation of magnetic class educational toys, bead winding beads, dragging toddler, shape blocks stringing, DIY crafts, stacking high, not inverted, rainbow circle, calculation frame, children's blackboard, drawing board, learning box, educational early learning cognition and other types of toys.

Disadvantages of wooden toys.

1, can not be washed clean, only wet cloth wipe reason. Soaked in water easily deformed.

2, wooden material toys are slightly more expensive than other materials toys. The cost is higher.
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