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The advantages of different classifications of wooden toys-Woodmam

1, the advantages of preschool class wooden toys.   

In the training of baby mosaic ability at the same time, the practice of large movements, training young children's fine movements, inspire the child's accurate understanding of shape, number, quantity, and thus exercise muscle flexibility.

2, the advantages of role-playing wooden toys.   

Roleplay is a game that young children prefer.

In role-play, children act in different roles, and different roles have different identities, different identities have different performance, such as a variety of language, action, image, etc., these different roles is the child's initial experience of the future social role identity.

It is an important part of early childhood education for children to learn to interact and be good at interacting, and role-play is a game activity to cultivate children to develop correct interaction behavior.

Children imitate adults' words and behaviors in the game and experience adults' feelings. This initial experience will have a profound meaning for children to assume a real role in the future society.

3、The advantages of wooden tools and wooden toys.

Mainly let infants recognize, and master the shape, color, and structure of the call kind of tools in the process of training infants and children's practical hands-on ability and hand-eye coordination, the development of imagination. Improve the infant's cognitive ability, analytical ability, and imagination, and encourage the sense of achievement in young children

4, the advantages of wooden bead class wooden toys: bead practice can exercise the child's child's hand-eye coordination, collaboration, and cooperation of hands and hand delicacy so that the baby's wrist is more flexible. At the same time, you can let the child count, do simple addition and subtraction, use shapes for matching, classification, etc.

5, the advantages of wooden toys in the block class: stimulate the baby's interest in hands, develop a reasonable combination of young children with the awareness of spatial imagination, so that babies know different colors and shapes; exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination; understand the geometric shapes, the number of how many; develop the ability to classify shapes and colors; improve the baby's imagination

6, the advantages of dragging class wooden toys: improve the cognitive ability of infants, according to different dragging animals to let them know the different characteristics of various animals, exercise the baby's ability to walk in a wide range.

7, the advantages of traffic toys wooden toys: through the baby on trains, cars, and a variety of engineering vehicles on the basis of a certain understanding of the structure, training its assembly, dragging and finishing ability, improve hands-on awareness and self-care ability, and through the transformation of objects to understand the relationship between the pieces.

8, the advantages of wooden toys in the puzzle class: by a variety of different forms, rich content of the puzzle board, in children on the basis of the combination of graphics, disassembly, reassembly have some knowledge, exercise the ability to think independently, while cultivating the patience of infants and toddlers and perseverance spirit.
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